Friday 12 December 2014

The British Imperialists were looters and gangsters, and Indian soldiers in the British army were their shameless hirelings
In response to Shashi Tharoor's article saying the we should honour the Indian soldiers who fought in World War 1, I had written an article " Should we honour  Indian soldiers of WW1 ?', which is on my blog I said in that article that we should not.
WW1 was fought between two groups of Imperialist powers, England, France and Russia, on the one hand, against Germany and Austria, on the other, and it was a war for redistribution of the world's colonies ( i.e. markets and sources of cheap raw material and cheap labour ). So it was a fight between two groups of decide who will loot the underdeveloped countries ( which were colonies of the developed Imperialist countries ).
  England was the first country in the world to industrialize. When a country reaches a certain level of industrialization, it requires foreign markets for its products, and cheap raw material and cheap labour. This it obtained by conquering under developed countries, which became its colonies.. Hence England grabbed the most colonies, India,North America, Australia, parts of Africa, Hong Kong etc.( in fact that is the reason why English is the most spoken language in the world ).
  France was the second country to industrialize, and it conquered much of North Africa, Vietnam, etc.
 German industrialization started later than that of England and France, but once it started, it went on at a faster pace, and soon its level reached or crossed that of England and France. It is like a race, where one runner starts running later than another, but by running faster catches up with the other.
 Hence, having caught up with England and France in the level of its industrialization, Germany too demanded colonies, as markets for its products and cheap raw materials and cheap labour. But the world had already been mostly colonised, and little vacant space remained. England and France were not prepared to part with even a small part of their colonies peacefully. Hence WW1 was fought for redistribution of colonies violently.
   From what has been stated above it is obvious that the Indian soldiers who fought on the side of the Anglo-French Alliance in France were nothing but mercenaries, fighting not for the interests of the Indian people, but for the Anglo-French Imperialists. Why then should we honour them ?.They were nothing but hired assassins, hired by the British to kill Germans.
  In website it has been published that Justice Katju wants to demolish India Gate, which had been erected to honour the Indian soldiers in WW1.
  Many army officers are upset over this article, but what is wrong in my reasoning ?

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  1. Do you not think that the job of a soldier is to fight and not contemplate? So how do you judge, if at all one can, a soldier, from the side where he/she is fighting from or from the amount of valor showed by him/her? I think your article is factually correct but somehow the link between imperialist empires and judging soldiers is flawed. Especially when those soldiers majorly came from peasant backgrounds as a way to escape their poverty do you?