Wednesday 3 December 2014

Addresses To The Indian Nation

When Napoleon's army crushed the Prussians at the battle of Jena in 1806 and conquered Germany ( which was then not one united nation ) the German philosopher Fichte ( 1762-1814 ) wondered what could have been the cause of such a monumental calamity.

He found it in the lack of nationalism and patriotism in the German people. In his famous ' Addresses To The German Nation ', a series of 14 lectures he delivered in Berlin between 1807-1808 Fichte pointed out the way of recovery to the German people.

In one of his speeches he said :
" Hence the noble minded man will be active and effective, and will sacrifice himself for his people. Life merely as such, the mere continuance of changing existence, has in any case never had any value for him, he has wished for it only as the source of what is permanent. But this permanence is promised to him only by the continuous and independent existence of the nation. In order to save his nation, he must be ready even to die, so that it may live. "

The posts I have been putting up on Facebook and on my blog may, similarly, be regarded as Addresses to the Indian Nation. Their whole purpose is to tell the Indian people what they are ( see my article " What is India " on my blog and the website, my judgments in Hinsa Virodhak Sangh vs. Mirzapur Moti Kuresh Jamaat, Arumuga Servai vs, State of Taminadu, etc ), what is the historical era in which we are living ( see my articles ' The Transitional Era In India and ' Sequel to the Transitional Era in India ' on my blog ), how we were a prosperous country once,  why we have become impoverished and fallen behind Western nations, economically and socially, and how we can and must rise again as a powerful, highly industrialized nation, providing a high standard of living and welfare for our masses, and getting respect in the comity of nations.

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