Thursday 25 December 2014

The Nehru-Gandhi family

Many people have asked me my opinion regarding the Nehru-Gandhi family. So let me tell you.

I have respect for Jawaharlal Nehru because he was a man with a modern vision. He laid the foundation of heavy industry in India,which was vital since the British policy had broadly been not to permit industrialization of India. Scientific and technological institutions, e.g. IITs, were created under his leadership. He was secular, and there was no allegation of corruption against him.

 Of course he had his defects ( which person does not ), but compared to the present pygmies strutting the political stage in India, he was a giant.

  Many people criticize Nehru for the Kashmir problem, but it must be realized that at that time India had just become independent, things were topsy turvy, and there were international pressures.

  However, I have no respect for Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, or her children.

 Indira Gandhi was an unprincipled power crazy person. While Jawaharlal Nehru had respect for institutions, she almost destroyed all institutions, Parliament, the Judiciary and the Executive, in her lust to hold on to power after she was found guilty of election misconduct by the Allahabad High Court in 1975. For this end she imposed a fake Emergency, suppressing all civil liberties, and causing great suffering to the people of India.

 As regards Rajiv Gandhi, the massacre of Sikhs in 1984 is a huge blot on him. He can also not be forgiven for nullifying the humanitarian Shahbano judgement ( that a Muslim husband must give maintenance to his divorced wife ) just because he thought it necessary for retaining the Muslim vote bank. Also, his foolishness in sending the Indian army to Srilanka shows his political immaturity.

 The less said about Sonia the better. Scam after scam, of not crores of rupees, but lakhs of crores, were taking place during the UPA regime. One wonders where all this loot went ? Everyone knows that Manmohan Singh was only a dummy, and Sonia was the real power behind the throne.

 Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka are not even worth mentioning. What is there in them, except their claim to belong to the dynasty ?


  1. Soon the bitches are going to b sent Italy

  2. Sir, You said it with a bull;s eye perfect shot.
    And to add a point besides the anti Sikh riots to his credit the imbecile Rajiv Gandhi is also responsible for the deaths of Indian soldiers for nothing in Srilanka. He asked them to fight the LTTE with their hands tied and also left them be doublecrossed by the fox Jayawardhane.

  3. Yes Justice,
    We need leaders who value our system.

  4. rahul gandhi has equal iq as my 12 yr old brother...seriously

  5. court must ensure to back our lacs of carore rupees scammed by UPA ministers ...CHOR SAALE apni maa ko bhi loot liya