Sunday 21 December 2014

Follow the Pied Piper of Hamelin

A large number of people have commented on  my earlier post about Indian politics. Some are particularly upset about my statement that I do not cast my vote ( In my life of 68 years I have voted just once in the elections, and that too to get an idea what voting is like ) So I wish to clarify this.

 I do not cast my vote because I do not respect any of the present political parties in India, and I do not respect any of the present Indian politicians. So why should I waste my time in voting for someone whom I do not respect ?

 Many of our countrymen are fond of dreams. So they go to a  Sapnon ka Saudagar, and vote for him. Later,when they wake up from the dream and into reality,the curtains fall from their eyes, and they realize that what was sold to them by the Saudagar was only a sapna ( a dream ). But then they usually drift towards another Sapnon Ka Saudagar, and then to another, and then yet another, ad infinitum.

 Thus,one sapnon ka Saudagar spoke of ' gharibi hatao ', and people voted for her en masse. Another proclaimed ' vikaas ', and again large numbers followed the piper. And now when disillusionment about the likelihood of vikaas has set in, many people are gravitating towards the latest Sapnon ka Saudagar, who talks of honesty.

  So good luck to you all. Since you like dreams,instead of scientific thinking, you may follow any of these Sapnon ka Saudagars, like children following the Pied Piper of Hamelin, and when disillusionment  later sets in, which it is bound to do, transfer your allegiance to another. Happy hunting !


  1. Sir :
    So - what is the alternative we have ?

  2. Sir, you know why people don't listen to you -because you are condescending and arrogant. Generally out of touch. There is a huge generational gap between you and the young people of India. "Only I am capable of scientific thinking and no else". What is this nonsense. The truth is you are old and you have given up, the rest of us have not. Also you come off as saying -Respect me and listen to me because I was a Judge. There is something you lack, I an't put my finger on it. But you are too matter of fact. You will say things that induce mental dissonance in people, dissonance produces stress an people don't want to deal with stress as they have it in copious amounts in there day-to-day lives , therefore they reject you ideas. That were my two $0.001

  3. Tony Stark is unnecessarily pumped up. His reaction is a wonderfulexample of the impatience that has plagued the generation of his.
    Mr Tony what the Justice said was his opinion and why he did not deem necessary to waste time running to the polling booth. He did not ask you to heed his doing and follow him did he? You guys need to live with dissenting opinions and tolerate others.
    Invectives and aspersions are out of context here.

    1. I am just expressing my opinions, I have a right to express opinions just as someone else is. This is a public platform. And stop this Justice thing man. It's archaic.

  4. Sir you should try the Form 49 O. I have used that in two elections consecutively.