Monday 1 December 2014

Once again on the Aam Admi Party

I have read the large number of comments on my previous facebook post. In that post I said that the Aam Admi Party, like all other political parties in India, and its leader Mr. Kejriwal, have no scientific ideas about how to solve India's massive socio-economic problems.

  In many of the comments to that post it was said that Kejriwal is an honest man, and will end corruption. These comments show that while people in this country are mostly good, they are also mostly emotional and not rational. Of course corruption is a huge problem in India, and I have always fought against it, but how and when can it be ended ?

 In this connection I will request people to carefully read my article ' India in Transition and Corrupt ' on my blog In that article I have explained that corruption is a normal feature of a transition era through which India is presently passing, and will only end, or be considerably reduced, when the transition is over, that is, in about 15-20 years from now. So all this glib talk of ending corruption soon is creating illusions.

    Moreover, Mr. Kejriwal, like other political leaders, has to think of winning elections. So I doubt that he will really attack feudal and backward ideas and practices, which are the main evils in India today obstructing our progress, if it means losing votes.

  So let me put this to a test.

   I call upon Mr. Kejriwal to condemn oral talaq in Muslim Personal Law, which keeps a damocles sword hanging over every Muslim woman, and is therefore totally unjust, discriminatory against Muslim women, and a remnant of feudal practices which has no place in the modern world ( see in this connection my article ' Abolish the Unjust Muslim Personal Law ' on my blog ). I doubt Mr. Kejriwal will do that for fear of losing Muslim votes.

  Let him also condemn the totally stupid and false view that in ancient India there were aeroplanes, atom bombs, guided missiles, etc. I doubt he will do that for fear of losing Hindu votes.

  So I doubt that he will say or do anything which is required in the national interest if it means losing votes.


  1. Corruption is indeed a problem, but it is not the only problem of India. Corruption will not be there if people are honest, unselfish and generous which is not the case at present. Thinking to end corruption fully by force is only a wishful thought. So, Kejriwal and his party would not succeed in that even if they happen to become the top rulers. What they probably achieve most would be to polarize some voters in their favor and become another political outfit of India which is forced to do all kinds of compromises just as the others to keep going. On the other hand, if there is an honest government of honest leaders with vision and pragmatic approach, the people of India could get rid of their selfishness to a greater extent. If that happens, perhaps India would become a prospering nation in the future!

  2. Will condeming stories of planes and other things end our social problems? Again there are evidences of ancient alien visit in the past on earth. In south America huge figures of animals birds and various geometrical shapes are found on the ground that can only be seen from a great height from the sky. To construct those figures someone needed to give necessary directions from above the sky.