Friday 5 December 2014

Living in Inferno

What I see on T.V. and on print has left my mind reeling :
 Army soldiers are being killed in J&K,  14 CRPF Jawans are killed in Chattisgarh by Naxalites, the Rajya Sabha has been stalled for 4 days over a Minister's statement that people must choose between Ramzaadas and Haraamzaadas, a  'Baba ' who has been arrested had an ashram with all kinds of weapons, an eye relief camp in Punjab blinds 38 people instead of curing them,  sterilization surgery in Bilaspur, Chattisgarh kills 13 women, a Governor says that electricity thieves should be thrashed on road crossings with shoes, a Chief Minister says that India is a ' pitra pradhan ' ( patriarchal ) society and supports khap panchayats, a Kashmiri politician says that the Indian media is mad, a controversy raged over teaching Sanskrit instead of German, a former chief engineer of Noida was found with Rs. 100 in cash in his car, Rs 100 in jewelry, and an estimated Rs. 1000 total assets, T.V. channels showing panelists shouting at each other instead of discussing an issue in a disciplined manner, politicians at each others throats, etc, etc.
 I feel I am living in a lunatic asylum, or Dante's Inferno, and I cannot stand this any longer.
 So I have decided  now to seek moksha, and for that I am going to do bhajan kirtan the whole day, or transcendental meditation, or to stand on my head ( because when the world is upside down, then that way it will become erect again ).
    Hari Om

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