Saturday 2 July 2016

A call from Pakistan

Amile Gulzar, my young friend from Pakistan who lives in Lahore called me just now on my landline number. We had a long talk, and discussed several matters.

Amile is 25 years old, and has just started law practice. He is getting married next year.

He asked me whether I had ever been to Pakistan, and I said no. He invited me to come to Pakistan, and I said I would be happy to come, even though I will be taking a risk about my security, as I have said several times that Pakistan is a fake, artificial country, and will one day be reunited with India ( though that may take 10-15 years). He said that both countries have nuclear weapons, so how can they be united ? I replied that reunification will not be by war, but by mutual consent. This will no doubt take time, as a lot of hostile propaganda has been done in both countries, but one day it is bound to happen, as we are really one.

What is Pakistan ? It is Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and NWFP. These were all part of India since Mughal times. When I meet Pakistanis I feel no different from them. We look like each other, speak the same language Hindustani ( called Hindi in India and Urdu in Pakistan ), have the same culture ( love for Urdu poetry, Hindustani music, food habits, etc ).

It was the British who divided us by their wicked divide and rule policy, and the bogus two nation theory, acting though their agents Gandhi and Jinnah. I also said that religion cannot be the basis of a nation, otherwise hardly any nation can survive. England, USA, France, Germany, etc have people of many religions, so they will all have to be partitioned if that theory is accepted.

I said I am against oppression or atrocities on anyone, whether Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh, and always raise my voice against it. Often I am criticized for my views e.g. about beef eating by Hindus and against oral talaq and burqa by Muslims, but that does not bother me. I am not a popularity seeker.

He said a lot of Pakistanis are discussing my views, though many disagree. I said that truth has great power. If what I say is true, then it may not be accepted today or tomorrow, but the day will come when it will surely be accepted.

I asked him to read my article ' The Truth about Pakistan ' which is available online and on my blog, and circulate it to his friends. In that I have explained my views in great detail.

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