Tuesday 12 July 2016

The Intolerance and bigotry of Wahabis

I am giving some examples of the intolerance and bigotry of the Wahabis :

1. A Muslim friend of mine went to do Haj in Mecca. There he wanted to kiss the grave of the Prophet, but the Saudi police prevented him from doing so, saying this would be worship of a grave, when Islam permits worship of only Allah.

My friend explained that by kissing the grave he would only be showing his respect for the Prophet, not worshipping the grave, but the police did not listen to him.

The Saudis also do not permit building of dargahs, which are shrines built on graves of sufi saints, saying this would be butparasti or worship of graves. In fact when people visit dargahs they only show their respect to sufi saints who preached love, compassion and brotherhood, and not that they worship these graves.

2. When I was a Judge in Allahabad High Court a case came before me filed by Deobandis saying that they will not permit taking out of a procession in Sahranpur by Muslims on the occasion of Eid Milad un Nabi, or Bara Wafat, which is the birthday of the Prophet, since this would be worshipping the Prophet, while Islam says that only Allah should be worshipped. I told the petitioners that this was a free, secular country, and if they did not like such processions they need not take part in them, or even look towards them, but how can they be prohibited ? I dismissed the petition.

3. When I was a Judge in the Supreme Court, a case came before me in which the petitioners, who appeared to be Wahabis, said that an order be passed that no one should be allowed to say ' Ya Ali ' or ' Ya Gharib Nawaz '. I again dismissed this petition too, saying that this was a free, secular country, and so how could I prohibit saaying this ? The petitioners were free not to say it, but others were free to say it

I just cannot understand the attitude of Wahabis. If someone goes to a dargah, is he cutting off anyone's head, or chopping off anyone's limbs ? Hindus believe in several gods and goddesses, while Islam says there is only one god, Allah. But by saying there are many gods, are Hindus cutting off anyone's head, or chopping off anyone's limbs ?

Sunnis believe that after the Prophet's death there were 4 Khalifas, but Shias regard the first 3 as usurpers. Are Shias cutting off the heads of Sunnis or chopping off their limbs by believing this ?
Ahmediyas believe that in the 19th century there was another Prophet or Nabi called Ghulam Ahmed, though orthodox Muslims believe Mohammed was the last Prophet. Are Ahmediyas cutting off the heads of orthodox Muslims or chopping off their limbs by believing what they do ? At most orthodox Muslims may say that Ahmedis are non Muslims ( just as Ahmedis may say the same about orthodox Mulims ), but where is the justification of killing Ahmedis, burning their houses and mosques and beating up their children as is frequently done in Pakistan ? This is nothing but goondagardi.
This is a free, democraatic and secular country. Let anyone believe what he wants, and pray in whichever way he wishes.

This is a country of great diversity, and so there must be tolerance if the country is to hold together and progress. There is no place for Wahabis here. All religious extremists and bigots should be suppressed with an iron hand

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