Friday 8 July 2016

Theory and Hypothesis

This buffoon Zakir Naik says Darwin's theory is not acceptable as it is only a theory, not a law or a fact.

He confuses between a hypothesis and a theory. He says that a theory is the same as a hypothesis. This is not true. A hypothesis is only a proposed idea, which has yet to be confirmed. But when it is tested and confirmed, it becomes a theory. So there is no difference between a theory and a fact.

We talk of Einstein's Theory of Relativity, not Einstein's Law of Relativity. Similarly, we talk of Max Planck's Quantum Theory, etc. These theories had been tested, before they were accepted as theories. So they are no longer hypotheses.

Darwin's theory is just not a hypothesis, it is accepted overwhelmingly in the scientific community as being true.

This theory was initially criticized by many persons, but later received overwhelming acceptance by the scientific community, and its chief detractors are religious people, because it contradicts what is written in the Quran or the Bible. But similarly, Copernicus' theory ( that the earth goes around the sun, and not vice versa ) was not accepted for a long time in Europe because it contradicted the Bible.

 Of course after its enunciation in 1859 it has been developed ( e.g. by integrating it with genetics ), just as Newton's physics was developed by Max Planck, Einstein, Heisenberg, etc, but no genuine scientist has reverted to Creationism i.e. the religious theory that man was created by God.

It is universally accepted by scientists that man evolved from ape like creatures, and these evolved from creatures lower down, and so on.
Zakir Naik is just a stupid fundamentalist, and his only authority is the Quran, which is as outdated, and as full of humbug, mumbo jumbo and hocus pocus as is to be found in the Vedas or the Bible or any other religious scripture.

  If India is to progress we must give up religion and go over to science

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