Thursday 14 July 2016

Three questions to Umar Khalid of JNU

Umar Khalid of the JNU has called Burhan Wani another Che Guevara. I would like to ask Umar three questions.

1. Che had an idelogy ( which one may or may not agree with ). What was the ideology of Burhan ? Was it Islamic fundamentalism ? And does Umar Khalid agree with that ?

2. Burhan Wani, and probably Umar too, want azadi for Kashmir.
Now the test of every government and every system is one, and only one : does it raise the standard of living of the people ?
If azadi for Kashmir will result in raising the standard of living of the Kashmiri people I will agree with them and will support the demand.
But Burhan and the other Kashmiri separatists, as well as Umar, never spoke, or speak, of this. They never discuss how azadi will result in raising the standard of living of the Kashmiri people. All they talk of is azadi. What they forget is that azadi can only be a means, not an end itself. The end must be raising the standard of living of the people, i.e. abolishing poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, corruption, price rise, lack of healthcare, etc.

3.Unless poverty and the other social evils mentioned above are abolished, there can never be genuine azadi. If Kashmir becomes azad from India, it will come under the rule of some other power, because a poor country cannot be economically independent, but must remain dependent on aid from some other country, and thus become subservient to that country.

I await Umar Khalid's answer. If he has not read this fb post, will someone from JNU or elsewhere forward it to him. My email id is

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