Monday 20 April 2015

An ocean of idiots
Those Hindus who regard cow as our mother are as big idiots as those Muslims who support burqa ( hijab ). When it comes to behaving like idiots I see little difference between Hindus and Muslims.
Narayan Narayan !


  1. I think you're being unfair. My wife and several others who i know put on the head scarf and modest clothing by their "own" choice and not by force. You're not being nice and it hurts.

    If you want to know the reason behind the islamic "hijab", please see here.
    There are several writeups here which might be useful to someone wanting to know more on the subject

  2. I think that the idiots are found worlwide. They don't have any religion, cast, race or anything. They are simply idiots.

  3. Even Voltaire had a mixed opinion of Hinduism as is evident from one of your posts "Baba and the Fakirs (Voltaire 1750)" earlier, and a comment on it that mentions that he regarded Hindus as "peaceful and innocent people, equally incapable of hurting others or of defending themselves".

    It is fake religiosity and moving away from truth that has started in Hinduism many violent outbursts and illogical valuation of some animals (including cows and monkeys). Besides this, demeaning of people as 'lower castes' and killing them like Khairlanji killing, burning of women along the dead body of husband (Sati), Bali/Human slaughter of children etc. are all results of moving too much into cobweb like assumptions and baseless beliefs that have no certainty of the path.

    The fake religiosity that developed after the truth of the most Logical Religion is denied would only lead to more and more 'spiritual traps' and looter yogis, Babas or peers in any religion. And only those who are in darkness are misled by these parasites on inner peace.

    Hijab is a matter of women's respect and carries minimal effect on spiritual wilderness while as taking up an animal of sacrifice for a human's mother or even a deity would be incalculably HUGE blow into spiritual wilderness.