Monday 6 April 2015

Totally focused

I am totally focused, like Arjuna seeing only the eye of the revolving fish on the roof, and that too by its reflection in water in a basin in the swayamvar hall.

That eye for me is the vision of my country prosperous, with its people happy and living in harmony and enjoying a high standard of living. All the time I think only of this, and the remaining years of my life will be devoted to this single end.

 I knew all along when I set out on this solitary,self created path half a century ago that the journey would be full of thorns and terrible obstacles. That I have survived so far is itself a miracle, and the abuses I have received ( see, for instance, the comments on my last post )  only a very small part of the ordeal I had to face. But I have to carry on, and do my duty, as Lord Krishna said a man must do in the Gita


  1. I suggest you to listen to the speech of shri Rajiv Dixit.He held the same objective about upholding indian values and system

  2. "If love is blind, love for the nation has lost all five senses." So don't work for nation but strive to please the Lord to whom you shall return. To Him is the return of everything. Remember Him a lot... that gives you peace of mind and certainty to walk in your life. And the best thing is that Lord doesn't want from you the result, which He himself ordains and disposes. He wants good deeds from you while as you take no partners to Him in worship (if you really want to meet Him do that) so that He may thus reward you.
    He created you in truth so that you may know Him, and you have no body to defend you besides Him!

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