Tuesday 7 April 2015

One Consequence of the Ban

See one consequence of the ban. Many people in India do not think rationally but emotionally.India will never progress unless people start thinking rationally. Saying that cow is a mother is nonsense and humbug . How can an animal be a mother of a human being ?

 I have eaten beef, and will again eat it when the occasion arises. Ordinarily I do not eat it out of respect for the feelings of my wife and other relatives, who are mostly conservative Hindus, but I see nothing wrong in eating beef. Most of the world eats beef. Are they all sinners ?

Though an atheist, I am a stauncher Hindu than these feudal minded idiots who abused me. I have deeply studied Hindu philosophy and Sanskrit texts, and am very conversant with the great Hindu intellectualism, and indeed am a part of it and have contributed to it ( See my article ' Sanskrit as a language of Science' online and on my blog justicekatju.blogspot.in and my book on Mimansa ).My critics probably know nothing of the great Hindu intellectualism, and know only how to utter filthy abuses


  1. You did not read the post.... in rediff. Mumbai high court asking why ban on beef? why not on goat?

    How can they ban goat? It will be war like situation or break up of this country since muslims prefer bakri eid or eidul zuha as one of the two major festival in year

  2. A large number of educated people in India, particularly the youth, are restless to find the ways to repay the most wonderful educational experience that our nation gifted them with.

    If you are one of them, here's how you can do thisߑǺ

    => Let yourself and esteemed people like you know that cow slaughter and meat consumption was much common in our past Indian culture as it is today. Really!!

    So, in Manusmrithi (5/51) we find that at least seven categories of people are mentioned who were involved in occupation related to production, trade or consumption of Meat. You can check them yourself;

    1⃣. Those who permited slaying of animals
    2⃣. Those who brought amals for slaughter
    3⃣. Those who slaughtered (such animals)
    4⃣. Those who sold Meat
    5⃣. Those who purchased Meat (from above people)
    6⃣. Those who prepared dish out of it (special people who cooked meat), and
    7. Those who served that meat

    => Yajurveda even contains a mantra that people of that time used to recite before the meals made of animal or bird meat were consumed. It read: 'May all bipeds (two legged) and quadrupeds (four legged) gain strength and nourishment." (Yajurveda; 11/83)

    => India's famous expert on Vedic era Swami Vivekananda has written that "You will be surprised to know that according to ancient Hindu rite and rituals, a man cannot be a good Hindu who does not eat Beef." (The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda; Vol. 3: 5/36)

    Please help spread .the word..

    Love you India!

    1. And, that is why 70% hindus are vegetarians. You forgot to add the word "PUNISH" before every those (no. 1to 7) thats what vedas say about meat eaters. Anyways, If you want to eat meat cut and eat but dont falsify vedas.

  3. If u think that u r doing right then let me remind u that a wise man is the one who sees both sides of the coin and only then arrives to a notion or belief and if u want to see the other side of the coin listen to the audio of shri rajiv dixit named 'masahaar se haaniya'..then arrive at a decision.

  4. kutta khawo, gadha khawo,chuhe bhi khawo... gomans nahi kha sakte bharat me. samjhe na.

  5. => Realizing that there's no unanimous opinion of prohibition of Cow slaughter in Hindu scriptures as there is NO unified Hindu scripture to which all Hindus adhere to, let yourself and esteemed people like you know that cow slaughter and meat consumption appears much common in our past Indian culture as it is today.. The proof is Hindu scriptures themselves!

    The Manusmrithi (5/51) mentions at least seven categories of people who were involved in occupation related to production, trade or consumption of Meat.

    => Yajurveda even contains a mantra that people of that time used to recite before the meals made of animal or bird meat were consumed. It read: 'May all bipeds (two legged) and quadrupeds (four legged) gain strength and nourishment." (Yajurveda; 11/83)

    => India's famous expert on Vedic age (and Hindu parties' youth icon) Swami Vivekananda has tried to convince the above in this manner:

    "You will be surprised to know that according to ancient Hindu rite and rituals, a man cannot be a good Hindu who does not eat Beef." (The Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda; Vol. 3: 5/36)

    It's time to give up Hinduism OR the Indian Cows... because the Hindu scriptures quoted above can be interpreted to mean you cannot have both at once!

  6. everyone on this planet can live without killing animals.what is the point when its all about violence and egotism.
    the whole world is eating beef so will i,this is a limp excuse.Today our world can't afford meat eating, of course all animal be it cow/pig ,chicken they all need human's compassion.those who are promoting meat eating are free to eat themselves because animals meat is not a commodity its their body, their blood and flesh. some people will drag us to medieval times,they attach meat eating to religion.

    Kindly refer to your statement dt. 05.04.2015, published in News Papers on 06.04.2015 whereby you have inter-alia stated “that there is nothing wrong in eating beef [most of the world eats it] are they all are murderers, as they had been fed for centuries on the false propaganda that the cow is a mother, when in fact it is only an animal. Ban on cow slaughtering is just a politically motivated, anti democracy. Eating beef is a cheap source of protein. I also eaten beef on some occasions’.

    From your aforesaid statement my natural and religious feelings and sentiments of almost of all Hindu minded people, are badly hurt and injured because our natural and religious sentiments and feelings are attached with welfare, betterment, well being of ‘cow’, we treat her as our mother, its milk is a nutritious food, like our mother, its dung produces organic fertilizer and its urine is best pesticide than all manufactured chemicals and pesticides. On natural death of cows, from its leather, shoes and other leather articles are manufactured.

    A natural mother feeds from her breast only to her own children till limited period, but the cows are providing milk to each community, each person of every age. There is no difference for cow who belongs to from which community, every one can enjoy her milk. We all are born from earth and have to merge in soil. We call the earth also as our mother. Cow also born from earth. Even the emperors and saints from Muslim communities have advised not to eat beef. Though you are Kashmiri Pandit. It is shameful and hatred for you and entire kashmiri Pandits about your eaten beef.

    There are about 80 crores Hindu minded people in our country and they are very much concerned and attached to cows because they treat her as their mother and worship her as their mother. Such cruel remarks from you, a reputed personality, retired Supreme Judge, have naturally caused unbearable, intolerable, utmost and immense shock, hardships, humiliations, mental and physical agonies, pains and sufferings to Hindu minded people.

    Not only to the Hindu communities you have also insulted, injured and hurt the natural sentiments, feelings of 125 Indians and Indian culture, though as per your own admission that you believe in Hindu mytheology and culture.

    In India there is no step motherly treatment with any community, like Muslims, Christians, Bodhs, Sikh etc.etc.. All the communities are enjoying all privileges of their lives, without any fear or difference of any kind. They all are employed on important, responsible and even sensitive posts for the cause of nation. In view of aforesaid facts and circumstances, no one ever expected such a hatred, condemnable and objectionable statement from such a renowned personality of Retired Supreme Court Judge.

    On the contrary there is no Indian employed on any responsible post in West Pakistan, rather even on a very small post.

    Cow is our spiritual symbol like a mother, because of presence of so many vitamins and life saving medicines in her milk, urine and cow dung. We used to worship a cow. We also used to spare some meals as fodder of cows. There are also so much ‘Gau Shalas/Gau Sadans’ in almost each and every city and town in India, for maintenance, welfare and well being of cows.

  8. Service of cow has become a Dharma in India on account of her being symbol and mother of physical, mental and spiritual prosperity. It should be kept in mind that amelioration of cattle depends upon the growth of the man and vice versa.

    It is an important duty of every one, whether he is an ordinary citizen, a business man, Government Servant or an officer, Gram Panchayat or Central Government, all of them must work and do their might for the cause of amelioration of the country. There are two important factors of this work. First is to rear adequately and affect improvement in the quality for useful and less useful cattle. In doing this, we must keep in view the important fact that the man and the cow will progress together. One cannot be left behind the other.

    Ours is a cow-centered economy according to ancient inheritance. It should remain a cow centered economy according to modern science.

    To serve and protect the cow is basic part of Indian Culture. To serve and protect the cow is of great importance even in our modern and religious traditions and being adopted ever since so many centuries and by our Spiritual Gurus.

    Due to cow slaughtering, earth takes its adverse, feels hurt and injure and natural calamities and adversities, such as earth quakes, bhu sakhalan, floods, cyclones etc. etc. used to take place thereby causing a lot of human causalities, substantial loss of natural and constructed properties, assets and privileges of life.

    Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Rajender Prasad were also admirers and spiritually attached and concerned towards cow. Dr. Rajender Prasad stopped wearing leather shoes and was taking only cow products as his meals.

    There should be at least one ‘GAU SADAN’ FOR PROTECTIONS AND MAITNENANCE OF COWS, MORE PARTICULARY THE OLD AND NON PROFITABLE COWS, in a District, throughout India, at the cost, expenses and supervision/control of Central Govt. of India.
    As regards your statement to the effect “Gandhi was objectively a British agent shocked most people because they had been fed for almost a century on the false propaganda in favour of Gandhi” same is highly objectionable and not at all acceptable, because it has hurt the followers of Gandhi. His sacrifices to the cause of masses of the country, non violent movements and so

    many resolutions for independence of country speaks in volumes and cannot be ignored. Calling a Saint as British Agent is not appropriate, specifically from a reputed personality, a retired Supreme Court Judge.
    I highly condemn your such a objectionable and hatred statement, which has injured and hurt the natural and religious sentiments, feelings of majority of Hindu communities attached to Cow, treat her as their mother, and followers of Mahatma Gandhi.
    You are required to respect the natural and religious feelings and sentiments of masses, Indians and India’s culture, preferably majority communities of Hindu and apology to the Nation for making such objectionable and condemnable statement against cow slaughtering and Mahatma Gandhi, otherwise the masses of the country, preferable most of Hindu communities and followers of Mahatma Gandhi would show their strength and power against your such adverse, objectionable and condemnable remarks against cow slaughtering and Mahatma Gandhi. Even God would not pardon you for your such objectionable, condemnable and hatred comments against cow slaughtering and Mahatma Gandhi.
    I am hopeful that you would appreciate and respect the natural feelings and sentiments of majority of Hindu communities towards cow and Mahatma Gandhi and would surely and definitely publically withdraw your aforesaid objectionable, condemnable and hatred statement, comments and apology to the Nation for the same.

  9. media will ever inform you??
    Nestle company accepts that they add juice extracted from Beef in chocolate Kitkat.
    media ever informed you ???
    That in a case in Chennai high court Fair & Lovely company accepted that the cream contains the oil from Pig fats !!
    media ever informed us that Vicks is banned in how many countries of Europe ! There it has been declared as slow poison ! But in our country we see it's advertising on TV whole day !!

    media ever informed us that Life bouy is neither bath soap nor toilet soap ! But it's
    a Cabolic soap used for bathing animals !
    Europe uses Life bouy for Dogs ! And in our country millions of humans use it !!

    media ever informed us ! ???????????
    That Coke, Pepsi is in reality toilet cleaner ! it has been proved that it contains 21 types of different poisons ! And it's sale is banned in the canteen of indian parliament ! But it is sold in whole country !!
    media never informed us ????
    That foreign companies selling health tonics like Boost
    Protin-ex., were tested in Delhi at All India Institute (which houses biggest laboratory in india) and it was found that it is made from the waste left after oil is extracted from Groundnut ! Which is food for animals ! From this waste they make health tonic !!
    media ever informed us ??????
    When Amitabh Bachhan was operated in hospital for 10 long hours !
    Doctor had to cut and remove large intestine !! and doctor had told him that it has rotten due to drinking of soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi ! And then he stopped advertising coke
    pepsi !
    Media if it is faithful should expose all truth together !!

    Lots of people enjoy Pizzas today.
    Let's have a look over pizza companies

    "Pizza Hut
    Pizza Corner
    Papa John’s Pizza
    California Pizza Kitchen
    Sal’s Pizza"

    These are all american companies,

    Note:- to make Pizza tasty...
    E-631 flavor Enhancer is added which is made from Pork or Pig meat.

    ● Attention friends if following codes are mentioned on food packs then you should know what you are unknowingly consuming.

    E 322 - Beef
    E 422 - Alcohol
    E 442 - Alcohol & Chemical
    E 471 - Beef & Alcohol
    E 476 - Alcohol
    E 481 - mixture of Beef and Pork
    E 627 - Dangerous Chemical
    E 472 - mixture of Beef, meat & Pork
    E 631 - Oil extracted from Pig fats.

    ● Note - you will find these codes mostly in products of foreign companies like :- Chips , Biscuits , Chewing Gums, Toffees, Kurkure and Maggi !

    ● Don't ignore pay your kind attention atleast for the well being of your kids, if in doubt then search by yourself through your sources if not internet. (Google)

    ● Look at ingredient on Maggi pack, you will find flavor (E-635 ).

    ● Also look for following codes on Google :-

    E100, E110, E120, E140, E141, E153, E210, E213, E214, E216, E234, E252, E270, E280, E325, E326, E327, E334, E335, E336, E337, E422, E430, E431, E432, E433, E434, E435, E436, E440, E470, E471, E472, E473, E474, E475, E476, E477, E478, E481, E482, E483, E491, E492, E493, E494, E495, E542, E570, E572, E631, E635, E904.

    Kindly forward it to your family and friends to spread awareness. Thank you

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