Thursday 2 April 2015


In India reservations for scheduled castes and backward castes in educational institutions and in government jobs have acquired the character of a holy cow which no one dare challenge. In particular, no politician dare object to it for fear that this would destroy his political career.

Not being in politics, I can take a more detached and objective view. My view is that whatever may have been its utility earlier, today such reservations are doing great harm to the nation.

 I have in my blog on the caste system ( see ) expressed my strong opposition to the caste system, and I fully sympathise with the depressed castes who were treated as inferior and oppressed for centuries. I have said that the caste system is a curse on our nation, and the sooner it is destroyed the better.

However, in my opinion reservations, which have benefited only a miniscule number of such castes ( and that too the richer section, which did not need any help ), has done great damage to the rest, and ensured that they remain as wretched and poor as they were before.

 In my opinion financial help and facilities should be given to  poor people of all castes,  There are poor people in all castes, not merely among SCs and OBCs, and they should all be helped.

 Caste based reservations are like permanent crutches. Unless they are removed SCs and OBCs cannot walk erect. These categories should certainly be helped by giving them all facilitties, but thereafter they must work hard and make it on their own merit.

 I spoke to the Principal of a Government Medical College in U.P. He told me that if an SC boy fails in a test, oral orders come from above to pass him, otherwise the Principal will get into trouble. In this way we produce some ( not all ) incompetent SC doctors, without thinking of the risk to patients.

 No doubt reservations have helped many politicians by creating vote banks for them, but they have made casteism more deeply entrenched in our society, and have further divided our people at a time when we must be united to solve the country's massive problems


  1. most of those getting reservations are sons/daughters of ias and ips..
    new ZAMINDAARS of our nation

  2. In all these years, not even a single step is taken in the right direction to amend reservations.

    When someone is getting a reservation during his schooling, and later for the college and the job, they've already reaped all benefits of it, yet they again have reservation for promotions and it continues to their children, and subsequent generations as well.

    This is a sad reality.

  3. Caste system has destroyed India. Instead of meritocracy, India is mediocrity and in corporate system too there is nepotism and favoritism which is either based on religion, caste and language. Caste system is the enemy of meritocracy. India has wasted decades in state planning with no plan implemented at ground level due to incompetency of these bureaucrats. Backward, regressive, outdated laws do not help either. The India judiciary has its own disadvantage which is not able to hand any dispute in quick time and has its own pace.

    When reservation was created during Nehru time if not wrong, the reason was that Indian administrators discriminates and decimate lower caste, backward class and OBC people. By reservation they would be accommodated in education, jobs and society. However it created an atmosphere of incompetence and the same bureaucrats who are inefficient are hanging in the most important post in government and they are the reason all Indian government units have become loss making factories. Indian Railway, Air India, India government manufacturing units, tourism in most states are loss making factories. You see even at Taj Mahal there are no proper toilets, proper food courts, arrangement for tourists like proper roads. Everything is done by private sector.

    What India should have done is they should have appointed selection committee who choose bureaucrats should be from neutral venue like outsourcing candidates selection in government jobs so that backward class, dalits, minorities like muslims are not discriminated in job selection. If they had placed best people for right position, we would be doing much better as country.

    America, Singapore, Europe? How did they advanced and became rich? America invited talented migrants from europe and world means best brain in some of their top research centers like NASA and technical institutions. Singapore called best brain from all over world. Same with Europe. Arab parts like Dubai also invited talented foreigners to uplift their country.

    India did not learned a single lessons from these countries and is it lost in same caste based politics

    Also Mr. Katju Muslims in particular faced discrimination in jobs even in private MNC here and are less preferred and these are truths I want to bring to the world and this is my only aim in India which is to expose the hollow institutions here

  4. As you rightly said a hallmark of any country is how it treats its minorities and how beautiful the country is at countryside means inner part of country. People say if you want to experience any country, travel by bus and explore the interior or country side.

    India country side means villages is more poorer than Africa

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  6. Give every kid equal opportunity to get education....if someone lags...probably give all resources that make them get education on equal footing....but having incompetent people...belonging to any caste holding a position that they do not deserve is not ok...I shudder to think how many life's will be put in danger if we had a incompetent person holding a position like doctor or a pilot ...economic background presently should be a criteria to give resources for academic upliftment

  7. Quiet a few of SC/ST families could reach higher status because of the government reservations policy only. Many of the next generations are competing in the open market conditions. But still, it may be unjust to equate children from traditionally well educated families over generations (traditionally education/knowledge were privileged only to privileged people) and start-ups who are still at some places not allowed to use even drinking water facilities. Believe, even scientifically, genetic orientation (vasana) will take time. Government should provide basic education to the under privileged at par with modern convent schools. Then, the it might improve them to compete. As politicians started taking of skin colours, and dark colour people at disadvantageous positions because of their personality, probably, a re look may be thought reservations based on colour - a true varnasirama dharrma.

  8. Sir,
    everything you said is true ... But sir, a SC doctor is competent in some cases which i agree but exactly the same happens for many Forward Caste Doctors who study in their caste Medical institutes paying Huge donations... Again.. here if the FC student is not passed.. the principle will get into trouble... (At least, this happens in AP)...
    Yes, SC guy is dumb.. But so is the FC guy.. Difference is one has reservation the other has money, influence..
    Both communities have Hardworking Brilliants too.. But the way you mentioned seems more like attacking the SC guys..
    If a Rich SC/ST guy studied well... what is the probability he will be taken into FC dominated Private Corps / institutes and the respect he can get there... Though it is true that Rich SC/ST are feeding on the Poor SC/ST's chances.. Maybe there should be multiple quotas in SC/ST reservations based on income.... (my opinion)
    You are right when you said 80% of Indians of fools.. they vote for their caste...
    Reservation is like permanent crutches.. true.. the SC/ST guy is not working enough though he can than what he is doing right now...
    But you did not provide an alternative solution either.. You just said you are against any kind of reservation..
    that does not solve the problem or at least improve the situation.. does it sir? by removing reservation, keeping aside the production advantage(all types) you get.. soon we will rollback all progress in improving these communities livelihood (whatever we made in last 60+yrs)

  9. I am not agree with you and I suggest that go deeper into the subject

  10. In today's situation, Reservations would continue as long as caste system continues/dominates. Caste system would continue as long as majority population lives in villages. Urbanization should happen in such a manner that the urban people are disconnected with their rural connections, till then caste system is going to continue.

    But if we believe that no construction without destruction, to construct democracy we believed reservations are necessary.

    It is not true that where ever reservations are not there, things are fine there.
    I believe there are no reservations in every thing fine in judiciary.

    India is a too large country with all the is only the development that solve evils of this country. No development no solutions.

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