Thursday 16 April 2015

Spreading Rationalism

Our national aim must be to make India a highly prosperous country in which our people enjoy a high standard of living, nobody is discriminated against, and everybody is given equal opportunity to develop his or her talents. This is possible only when India gets highly industrialized, and this is possible only when rational and scientific thinking is spread among our masses.

 My effort through my posts is therefore to spread rational and scientific thinking among Indians, who are presently steeped in casteism, communalism, and superstitions. But look at my uphill task. I will give a few examples.

Very few Indians eat beef, because most Hindus regard cow as sacred or as a mother. Most of my own family members do not eat beef and are conservative Hindus. I am surrounded by an ocean of people in India who would be horrified at the very thought of eating beef. For centuries Hindus have been  brainwashed into thinking that cows should not be slaughtered.

 But I have made it a principle that I will never accept anything just because millions or even billions of people believe in it. Unless something appeals to my reason I will never accept it, even if the rest of humanity accepts it. At one time almost everyone believed in witches and ghosts, but is that a good reason to believe in them ? So unless I am convinced by sound reasoning I will not accept anything said by anyone.

 I coolly reasoned with myself, and saw nothing wrong in eating beef. A cow is only an animal. How can it be regarded as the mother of human beings ?  And how can an animal be regarded as sacred ? Human beings are superior to animals because they are more evolved. How can human beings worship as a god a creature which is lower in evolution ?

Also, most of the world eats beef. Are Americans, Europeans, Russians, Chinese, Africans, etc and even some people in India all wicked people, and Hindus alone good ? It would be silly to say so.
 Being rationally convinced that there was nothing wrong in eating beef, and therefore ban on beef is irrational, and therefore anti-Indian, I spoke out against it.

 In fact I have eaten beef a few times, but usually do not eat it out of respect for my wife and other relatives and friends, but if the occasion arises I will again eat beef. I see nothing wrong in doing so.
 I knew that I would be widely condemned and abused for saying this, but what of that ? If rational ideas were not propagated there would be no progress in the world. At one time almost everyone in Europe believed that the sun revolved around the earth as the Bible said, and the contrary view of Copernicus was condemned. But today the view, initially of one man as against the rest, is accepted as true. It follows that the minority, sometimes of only one man, is correct, and sometimes the view of the overwhelming majority is wrong.

 I am therefore never bothered that the majority, or even vast majority holds a view contrary to mine. The real question is : which view is rational and scientific ?

  Similarly, I expressed my view about Gandhi, calling him objectively a British agent, for which I was condemned by both Houses of Parliament. But while I gave my reasons for my opinion, the members of Parliament who spoke against me, gave no reasons to refute my reasoning. I believe that the Indian people have been brainwashed for long about Gandhi, but now the time has come when they must know the truth.


  1. Sir, with due respect I beg to differ.
    It is your personal choice to eat beef or not but the slaughterhouses killing million of cows should be stopped or not. We are loosing lacs of tons of manure and milk and our lands are already exhausted of nutrients and more importantly degraded due to fertilizers use. I give you another example. A slaughterhouse was opened in Ghaziabad recently. The surrounding area since then has been affected by shoot flies in crops which was not the case before opening of slaughter house. What is the correlation between opening of slaughter house and shoot fly infestation? Not only beef but all forms of meat are correlated with some disease like swine flu, tapeworm, bird flu, madcow disease etc all of them highly contagious. Why should the vegetarians get the disease due to the ignorance of meat eaters. I never get such disease transmitted through a crop. First commercial slaughter house was opened by the white invader in Kolkata. Sometimes it is worth to pay attention to our ancester"s view instead of the white invader. It was the white culture who ridiculed Copernicus not ours (we have Surya Siddhanta) and it was the white invader who burned innocent women in the name of witchcrafty and put false blame on us in name of Sati. They created Sati (in the form claimed by white invader) and those Moo Moo s (their cow makes a Moo Moo sound instead of BAA BAAN (in Hindi caleed Rambhana) sound of our Indian cows) even abolished Sati with the help of their Indian stooges. Sir, if industrialization will cause good then the white invader have continued it which is not the case. Just Google Manchester in 1900's and Manchester in 2000's you will know every thing. Now the white invader depends on goodwill services like management etc and want to make India like the Manchester in 1900's. Industrialization is good but only to an extent. ATI SARVATRA VARJAYET.

  2. What will be the difference between todays civilized human and animal hunting meat eating CAVE dwellers of Post Ice age europians? The WHITE INVADER EATs THAT MEAT WITH A NAPKIN TIED IN NECK WITH SOME SAUCE OVER BRANDY AND CIGAR. We are not ice age cave dwellers who looted India and Africa and still looting. We supplied foods and cotton clothes to the Africans and they supplied us Their Gold in turn which was looted from India by the whites.We don't wanna be like the white invader. Even ARABIANS (We can call them the Main Muslims don't eat Beef). Only 5% Arabians eat beef as per latest USDA report. They are rich and and can afford beef but why only 5% eat beef? I donot know why beef is popular among the subcontinent MUSLAMS.

  3. I think you should watch Aankho Dekhi ! In any case you are a movie buff. You are so like the main protagonist of this film. I am surprised that a man of your intelligence ( IQ) was once sitting in the Supreme court of India. ( Only God can save India and I'm glad that I left it for good !)

  4. like it an artical and join and apply in our life !

  5. I think that everyone has the right to live his life in his own way. But this is our duty that we need to take care of someone's right as well. Eating meat or beat is an individual choice and its nowhere written in the Hindu religious books that eating meat or bead us a sin or crime. I would specify that I am talking about the original Bed and Purana.
    Of course, killing or murdering animals is a sin and crime. This is also against a humanitarian point if view. And the civilised society should not accept and favour this.
    But we can eat a naturally dead animal after medical examination as soon as possible. Or we may preserve it in order to keep it fresh.
    In fact, non vegetarian foods are pure and hygienic other than toxic vegetarian foods these days.

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