Thursday 15 October 2015

Have they written for the people ?

I am no supporter of Modi or the BJP, and have often criticized them, just as I have criticized Congress and other political parties, calling most of them rogues and rascals, who have looted the country and polarized Indian society on caste and religious lines.

. But what kind of writers are these who are returning their awards and are crying hoarse for being allegedly suffocated by right wing elements ? Have they written about the terrible conditions of the Indian people, like Sarat Chandra, Premchand, Faiz, Manto, Kazi Nazrul Islam,  Dickens, Gorki, John Steinbeck, Victor Hugo, etc. Have they inspired people by their writings to struggle for a better life ? Have they attacked evil and backward social customs like the inhuman  caste system, as Kabir did ?

No, most of them enjoyed comfortable lives and wrote for money. I regard most of them no better than ' presstitutes '


  1. Absolutely correct! In fact, they have realised their reality so that these people are returning their awards. Because these people probably dont deserve to have these awards. People should now say thanks to them.

    Because they did not do anything for the betterment of the people of India in their intire lives. Now they know the fact that the new generation would do their postmartom of their acts. It was actually accepted. Scared and fearfull awardees, I woul dubb them.

  2. Sir ,Each and everything written by you is absolutely correct.India has a rank of HDI-135, which itself indicates that India is still struggling to develop in all perspectives except IT sector which hardly accrues to few technical graduates with no brains and lack of scientific temper. There are no stringent rules either with regard to law or Administration.

  3. Sir,
    I disagree with you in this point.

    There are many other judges like you who DO NOT talk / write as much you do...BUT still they may agree with many of your views.

    There are many eminent scientist(say for example our APJ Abdul Kalam), they DO NOT talk as much as you do...but they care for the nation and do whatever they can.

    Likewise, Some of these writers are good at Literature..Some people are active in politics( u r ananthamurthy, kalburgi)..Some people are NOT. Please DONOT expect them to raise their like you.

    I am GLAD that you are raising your voice and thoughts are provoking us.
    BUT please DO NOT expect the same from all the Writers.

    You may agree / disagree with RETURNING of the awards..But, please do not call them presstitutes. They are merely showing their reply in some form.

  4. That's a strange point of view. I would not have expected such an irrational argument from someone of your standing. These people were at one time or another recognised by the Sahitya Akademi for their literary merit. The Sahitya Akademi is beyod doubt a Goverment sponsored organisation. The Government of India decided to establish a National Academy of letters to be called Sahitya Akademi by its resolution No F-6-4/51G2(A) dated December 1952.(see 40 of the 99 members of its Governing Council are nominated by the Union and State Gopvernments. The awardees are all men of letters, or at least they were considered to have made major contributions to Indian writing and literature. These award winners are now protesting at the Union Goverment's attack on freedom of speech and the attacks on independent minded writers in the only manner they can. By spurning the awards they were once proud to have recived they are in effect disociating themselves from and expressing their disagreement with the Government's stand on free thought. By what logic can you claim that they have not this right unless they have written something about some 'terrible conditions of Indian people....'.?

    Its a non-sequitur of an argument. totally irrelevant what they did or did not write about.

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  7. I disagree with you on this sir...diogenes wanted everyone to be like him I.e a cynic but if everyone would b like him there will b nothing left in the society not even food as they live by begging...So similarly sir everyone should do what they good at