Sunday 11 October 2015

The Lok Nayak

Today is the birth anniversary of Jai Prakash Narayan, the so called 'Lok Nayak'.

 I know I will be castigated for saying this, but I have a very poor opinion of Jai Prakash Narayan's intellect. In fact the man had no scientific ideas at all for solving the country's massive problems. I regard him intellectually as stupid as Gandhi and Anna Hazare..

 In 1954 J.P. became a disciple of another idiot, Vinoba Bhave who was being used by the Establishment to create the illusion among landless peasants that they will  be given land voluntarily by the big land holders, and so they should not start an armed struggle to get it.

No doubt J.P. headed the struggle against the despotic and power crazy Indira Gandhi, but what happened after the Janta Party came to power ? Was poverty, unemployment, malnourishment, etc abolished ? What happened to the much touted ' Total Revolution ' ? It disappeared into thin air, leaving behind his disciples Lalu Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Sushil Kumar Modi, Ram Bilas Paswan, etc. who have ruined Bihar as his legacy


  1. I dont think any scientific theories have answered the problem. If not for these people, no one would have talked of it either.

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    2. I do agree sir, but my humble request with my folded hands to please not to compare Mahamahim Sri Anna Hazare with Gandhi or others. There is an innocnency and honesty in Hon'ble Sri Anna Hazare ji. He is a non-political personality. He does not speak or do anything considering the current situation. Rather he apeaks or does what he wants to say or do. Apart from this, all the contents that you have mentioned are absolutely correct and appropriate.

      I understand that we should not trust someone with the closed eyes but as of now the credibility of Hon'ble Anna Hazare is very good and there is not a single blot on his character till date. Yes, I kow, he is a social worker and far from the reality of the world. But overall, he is superb and admirable personality.

      Also, I would request to share your opinion "As how Gandhi was killed and who actually was behind his assassination." Jai Hind!

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