Monday 19 October 2015

To the Patriotic Indian Intellectuals

Intellectuals are the eyeds of society, and without intellectuals society is blind. So the leadership of every great historical movement has to be given by intellectuals.

 Unfortunately most of the so called 'intellectuals' in India are themselves blind. So how can they give leadership to the Indian masses ?. My job therefore is to educate these intellectuals and give them eyes. Once that is done my job will be over, because then these intellectuals will themselves be guiding society properly

 India is inevitably heading for a crisis, some kind of French Revolution, as I have repeatedly said. While on the one hand the superstructure, including all our state institutions, has collapsed and become an empty shell, the socio-economic crisis continues to build up---massive poverty, unemployment, price rise, malnourishment, lack of healthcare and good education,etc Everything is heading for a crisis.

 But the Indian Revolution will not come immediately, it will be preceded by a long period of chaos, which is in fact going on, and which can be called "The Great Turbulence" lasting for 10-20 years.

 One would recall that the great French Revolution of 1789 was preceded by decades of intellectual ferment, a period when great thinkers like Voltaire, Rousseau, and the French Encyclopediasts like Diderot, Helvetius, Holbach, etc attacked the existing feudal institutiions, practices and ideas.

 So before the Indian Revolution takes place, and that may take 10-20 years from now, the patriotic Indian intellectuals must lay the groundwork, as the French intellectuals did before 1789.

 What must you do ? You must basically attack feudal practices and ideas in India, in particular the following :
1. The caste system ( see my blog on the Caste System on ).
2. The belief that cow or Ganga are holy
3. Belief in babas
4. Sharia law, in particular oral talaq
5. Wearing of burqa or hijab
6. False heroes like Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, etc
7. Writers like Tagore, the Hindi chayavadi poets, Agyeya, etc who belong to the school of art for arts sake. Instead you must support art for social purpose like Sarat Chandra, Kazi Nazrul islam, Faiz, Manto, Subramania Bharathi, Premchand, etc

You must also patiently explain to the people, while upholding freedom of religion, that all religions are false and superstitions, and the truth lies in science, which alone can solve our country's massive problems.

 Our national aim must be to build a highly industrialized and prosperous country and a just modern social order in which everyone gets a decent life, and in which the standard of living of the Indian masses is constantly rising.

 There must not be any compromise on these principles


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  3. The main problem with Indian people is that they too much reliy on their heroes/leaders. They either blindly support or protest. Their support is based on perceptions,castes,religions, races,genders,same state and sometimes becuase of the principles that match.

    This is unfortunate, we Indians are extremists by nature. Either we support someone or protest someone. I may agree on on someone's viewpoint on any issue/topic. But I will also disagree with the same person on another issue/topic. Unelss or untill I get convinced or understood I will not blindly agree.

    So there should be a balance in our lives. I will not go by the instruction of anyone untill I do the analysis on my own. This is what we all Indians should do. Dont follow anyone or any instruction without any analysis. Be it anyone. Thanks,

  4. Sir, This country is run by capitalists and politicians who are following britishers blindly.Today in our country, many govt.companies and departments give jobs to small time celebrities ,cricketers and those who can support themselves but ignore people below poverty line.Though parliament has passed Right to compulsory education Act 2009 i.e Free and compulsory education upto the age of 14 yrs for all sections of society to give effect to 86th amendment act 2002 co-read with article-45(A).None of our govts have taken responsibility to implement them properly due to which literacy rate is low and intellectualism has become dead and education has became means of materialism for many of our youth.

  5. Very Nice. I shall practice to follow your words

  6. I made various write up on liberalized thoughts including essence of large scale Employment in sectors like IT/ITES and Manufacturing instead of pocket size employment as advocacy social and economic empowerment as Writers and authors in my blog available with e mail id-
    There are varied concerns drawn in India including Writer/Authors from Kerala stopped writing under amid difficulties ,fanatical groups including killing of one writer in Karnataka which has largely been liberal value driven . There are many other similar incident Free Speech has been silenced as rightly explained by you Arts & Literature is for Artistic Contribution for some while for some Contributing for larger welfare Cause.
    The issue concerning various front are not non-realistic, we have long struggle looking at social disparity which exist within India. The killing in Dardri so as fanatics equally applicable from all communities unlike Muslim, Hindu or anyone for that matter wont cease to operate in societal fabric in India. This is why we need regular effort –Judicial activism –avoidance of Holocaust empowerment – Speech of hate in Karnataka dragging man/women as Social watch dog for customs. North Eastern hackled in the heart of Delhi City while Rijiju comments get multiplied justification on North Indias.
    The only hope is people which make India truly what is today best of constitutional values “United-Developed separating in extend of Religions” .It is same people who voted Praja Dal-It is same people voted Congress- It is same people braught Jay Praskash Narayan- It is same people who brought BJP in Power- While Home Ministry Coming forward announcing Indian Muslims being patriotic –We take dividend of this very good will though good will across communities for sustainable and better India.
    Development is far dream without involvement of State or association with central. It is mirage of being initiative without engaging the various stakeholders in the society. I would request you to address within quality circle for betterment of same in way forward –not necessary immediate but slowly towards this direction.

  7. I agree with everything you said Sir except undermining role of gandhi and bose.

  8. If science alone is the solution to the problems of humanity, why are the developed countries still having problems? To me science is the root cause of all problems. Imagine a world without medical science, people would be born and they would either live or die as nature wishes. No over population and birth control. If there was no science, there is no automobile, no need for gasoline or electricity result NO pollution. If there was no science, there would be no aeroplanes,or fast ships to transport terrorists easily from one place to another and cause agony. They would have fought wars in the small locality and died. There are countless more examples of how science has destroyed mankind. Sorry to say this but as an Engineer having been associated with science for 25+ years, I strongly believe "Science is the root cause of mankind's suffering".

  9. The internet is the worst development that science has given birth to... It has caused, more damage to societies and people than all other forms of science put together. Back in the day, to commit a financial crime was difficult (as one needed a paper check then sign on it and etc...), today all people need is just a password (that can be hacked), Software piracy has gone up because of the internet (back in the day one needed physical media to be purchased to be copied) same story with movies and music, DIY for commit a crime and how to avoid it is easily available, Pedophiles have easy access to children, Murders have easy access to weapons of destruction, Terrorists have a nice medium to portray their gruesome killings and more. You can ponder over more examples by yourself.
    The internet has given only 20% good stuff, the rest of the 80% of the internet is filled with these kinds of useless stuff. So my final verdict is that "The very science you believe is the cause of progress will be the cause of destruction of mankind".