Tuesday 20 October 2015

One day Navratri fast by Muslims in California

This is an email I received a short while back from Santosh Addagulla, an NRI settled in Califormia in USA. He is originally from Telengana, and it was he who organized a one day roza by non Muslims on 4th July during Ramzan, and iftaar in the evening at the residence of Mr. Syed Ali, a billionaire living in Saratoga in the Bay Area of California, and his gracious wife Shaista Ali who hosted the dinner on that day.

There has been tremendous response from non Hindus to my appeal to keep one day Navratri fast, just as there was tremendous response by non Muslims who kept one day roza during Ramzan.
The whole aim is to maintain communal harmony and solidarity with people of other religions, which is especially necessary today since certain elements are trying to polarize society and whip up communal hatred.

To institutionalize this practice, I hereby declare that in future non Muslims everywhere will keep roza on the first day of every Ramzan, and non Hindus everywhere will keep fast on the first day of every Navratri

Santosh Addagulla <santosh.addagulla@gmail.com>
Markandey Katju
Today at 11:49 AM

Hello Katju saab,

How are you doing ? It's been a while we talked and we are missing you here badly in the Bay Area. I will call you sometime soon.

With your inspiration and advice to keep the country united and respect each other's religion, few of our friends from Muslim community are fasting this Navarathi and we are all celebrating the festival at my home in Fremont, California. I just wanted to share the same with you as it is your idea and saying that we are following.
Here is the event for your perusal.
Thank you,


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  3. Your statement "I hereby declare that in future..." reminds me of Hitler, and how he slowly but surely became the Dictator of a Century. I sense a dictator here in the making :)