Monday 24 October 2016

Invitation from Aga Khan University, Pakistan

A Pakistani girl, Jasmine Afridi from Karachi made a comment on my last fb post, to which I sent a reply. Here they are :

Jasmine Afridi : Frankly speaking and i am sure you would be aware of it that we don't have that much openness in Pakistan but at forums like Aga Khan University you can say almost anything.

Markandey Katju:
Very well. At Agha Khan University, if invited, I will say

1. Pakistan is a fake, artificial entity ( I refuse to call it a country ), created by the British through their agents, the rascals Gandhi and Jinnah, on the basis of the bogus two nation theory, and is bound to be reunited with India one day under a secular govt We are really one country.

2. All religions, including Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are false and superstitions, and the truth lies in science, which is not something final and complete as religious books such as Quran claim to be, but is constantly developing.

3. Most politicians in India and Pakistan, and all religious extremists, whether Hindu or Muslim, must be summarily and publicly executed like mad dogs.

4. Feudal reactionary laws, such as sharia, must be immediately abolished and replaced by a uniform civil code for all religions.

5. Burqa and hijab must be immediately abolished. This is a feudal practice denigrating women, and must be crushed with an iron hand. The argument that it should be left to the woman's choice whether to wear it or not is a specious argument. No woman should be given a choice in this

6. It is barbaric how Ahmedis have been treated in Pakistan. If they say Muhammed was not the last Prophet, are hey cutting off anyone's necks, or chopping off anyone's limbs ? Similarly it is barbaric how Shias, Hindus, Christian and Sikhs have been treated in Pakistan.

If in your great Aga Khan University one can say almiost anything, then I should be permitted to say all this, which I have been saying repeatedly in my public speeches, newspaper articles, facebook posts and blogs Otherwise come off your high horse and your high sounding self proclaimed liberalism and confess I cannot say all this in Pakistan, in which case I will not come

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