Thursday 6 October 2016

The Tet Offensive is bound to come

One thing is certain in Kashmir : despite all the jingoism and chest thumping of our TRP driven media, with its Don Quixote, Lord Haw Haw, and Dr. Goebbels who keep announcing our great victory by the 'surgical strike' and the 'isolation' of Pakistan, and fatuous statements of the BJP spokesmen on TV, as well as the bombastic calls by many ' to stand united ', the truth is that the Tet Offensive is bound to come for our army in Kashmir, as it came for the Americans in Vietnam in January 1968.

At present our security forces are only getting guerilla pinpricks, as in the Kulgam and Handwara attacks, after the Uri attack. But the clouds will build up, and one day there will be a cloudburst.
Let there be no doubt : almost all Kashmiris living in the valley have turned deadly hostile to India due to the stupidity of our political leaders. And the militants among them are getting sophisticated arms from China via Pakistan. while the non militants are giving the militants sanctuary, food and intelligence, as the Viet Cong got from the people in South Vietnam.

The American General Westmoreland kept saying for a long time that America was winning the war in Vietnam, that he could see ' light at the end of the tunnel', etc. etc. But all this stopped after Tet.

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