Saturday 8 October 2016

Guerilla war in Kashmir

It is a maxim of guerilla war : " Attack the soft, avoid the hard ".
It appears that this maxim is being applied more and more in Kashmir…/from-ground-zero-kashmir-why-are-poli…
The Kashmir police is soft compared to the army. This is (1) because it is lightly armed compared to the army and para military forces, and (2) the Kashmiri policemen are themselves Kashmiris ( unlike army or para military men ), but are often looked upon as traitors by many K...ashmiris. They have their families in Kashmir, and are vulnerable.
No doubt the Uri attack was on armymen, but there the armymen were caught sleeping, and taken by surprise, like the Hessians on the night of 25/26 December, 1776 by the soldiers of George Washington who crossed the Delaware, or like the Pandavas by Ashwatthama's attack at night at the end of the Mahabharata war. But now the element of surprise is spent, and in future armymen will be on their guard. So the Kashmiri militants will not choose heavily guarded army establishments for attack in the near future, but aim at soft targets. Already such attacks have begun, e.g. in Shopian.…/report-breaking-terrorists-open-f…
The tactics used will be ' hit and run ', the classical guerilla technique.
I am sorry for the Kashmiri policemen, but they are in for an unenviable time

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