Wednesday 18 January 2017

Beware of the Dragon

In my opinion, the Chinese are the most dangerous threat to world peace today, just at one time Hitler was the most dangerous threat to world peace.
At Davos the Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech recently which was bristling with equivocations and prevarications.
This speech sounded like Ribbentrop who often spoke in favour of peace while the Nazis were preparing for war.
Why do I say that China is today the biggest threat to world peace ? It is because it has a huge 3.2 trillion dollar foreign exchange reserve which is hungrily seeking foreign avenues for investment, foreign markets, and raw materials for its huge industry. China today is not the China earlier. Today it has become an imperialist power, seeking domination over many countries and their markets It has already largely grabbed Pakistan economically, and has also penetrated into Africa and other countries, including India..
A rising power is usually more dangerous than an established one, because it is more aggressive. Thus, Nazi Germany was more dangerous than the other Western countries.
Everyone should see through the smiling face of Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders, and all their false rhetoric of peace, reconciliation and stability, when in fact they are on the path of neo colonialism and economic expansionism. Of course the Chinese may not fight directly because of nuclear weapons, but they will certainly fight through their proxies.

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