Sunday 22 January 2017

Deaths in Jallikattu

Some people are making a hue and cry because two people were allegedly killed in a Jallikattu.
Deaths are unfortunate, but happen in many activities. Should Diwali be banned because sometimes people die by fire due to the lamps or crackers ? Should boxing be banned because boxers are frequently injured and sometimes die. Should trucks, buses, motor cars, motor cycles or scooters be banned because sometimes people are killed or injured ? Should trains be banned In Orissa many people died recently because a train was derailed. Should flying on planes be banned. because sometimes aircrashes take place killing people on board? Should cricket, horse riding, etc be banned because sometimes people are injured, and occasionally even killed ?  People have sometimes been killed in stampedes during Kumbh Mela, Haj, etc. Should Kumbh Mela, Haj, etc be banned ? Where is the end to all this ?

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