Sunday 15 January 2017


Although I eat beef ( and pork ) and am an atheist, I am a strong champion of Sanskrit and the Hindu Nyaya philosophy( see my articles ' Sanskrit as a language of science ', ' Nyaya or Vedanta ? ', ' Indian philosophy ', etc on my blog as well as on facebook and on

Most Hindus, and most members of organizations and parties who claim to represent Hindus, have little or no idea of the great Hindu intellectualism of the past, and of the real great intellectual achievements of our ancestors ( see my blogs ' The real nature of BJP ', ' Did Rama and Pushpak Vimaana exist ' ), and instead make false boasts e.g. that there were atom bombs, guided missiles, aeroplanes etc in ancient India or that Hindus discovered head transplant and genetic engineering ( see my blogs ' Making us a laughing stock ', ' Mixing the true with the untrue ', ' A visit to Akshardham ', etc )..

Thus, I am a real Hindu, rather than these so called Hindus, and organizations and parties which claim to represent Hindus, but really know little or nothing about Hinduism.

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