Monday 9 January 2017

Pakistan has more fools than India

I spoke to a Pakistani friend on skype recently.
I told him that while 90% Indians are fools, 95% Pakistanis are fools. The 5% extra marks I gave to Pakistanis is because Pakistan declared itself an Islamic state, while India declared itself a secular state. So there are more fools in Pakistan than in India.
For instance, I said to him, if you say in Pakistan that Sharia or burqa should be abolished, then in all likelihood you will be killed by religious extremists. But I have said this repeatedly in India and yet got no threats ( though many people have disagreed with me ).  I have also said that there is nothing wrong in eating beef, and it is stupid to say cow is our mother.
So there is more freedom in India than in Pakistan.
So there is more freedom in India than in Pakistan.
Recently some human rights activists in Pakistan, who were opposed to religious fundamentalism, have gone missing, and may have been killed.
This happens sometimes in India too, e.g.cases of rationalist freethinkers like Prof. Kalburgi, Pansare and Dabholkar, but it is rarer than in Pakistan, where perhaps over a hundred journalists, lawyers, etc who were speaking and writing freely have been killed

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