Saturday 21 January 2017

Historical significance of the Jallikattu agitation

Most people in India, and perhaps even Tamilians, would not be realizing the historical significance of the victory of the Tamil people over the Jallikattu issue. They may think it was a matter confined to Jallikattu and confined to Tamilnadu. They may think it has nothing to do with the massive challenges India faces of abolishing poverty, unemployment, lack of healthcare, nutrition, good education, etc. .

But in fact the popular Jallikattu agitation or uprising, and the victory of the Tamil people, has significance for the whole of india and is far beyond bull taming ( or bull embracing ). It is a spark which will light the flame which will spread throughout the country, and is the first step in solving all our major problems.

The victory of the Jallikattu agitation shows that when hundreds of thousands of people rise unitedly like a typhoon or tornado it becomes a force so powerful and so swift that no power on earth can resist it.

I myself used to often get pessimistic seeing our people divided on the lines of caste, religion, region, etc. I wondered whether the Indian people can or will ever unite, rising above caste, religion, region,etc to face our huge challenges. The significance of the Jallikattu agitation is that it cut through caste and religious barriers. In fact it even cut through the the national border as Indians in many parts of the world supported it.

Thus the victory of the Tamil people is a victory for all Indians. It has shown that we Indians can unite, as we must, if we are to solve our massive problems.

The Jallikattu agitation has thus shown the path which we Indians must follow. We must unite, and not remain divided ( though our enemies will make every effort to divide us on caste, religious and regional lines ), if we are to ever solve India's problems.

The Jallikattu agitation was a spontaneous uprising. The agitators rightly refused to allow politicians to intervene, as most of our present politicians are utterly selfish and unpatriotic. In many places the police was unleashed on them, but they were undeterred, undaunted and resolute..

The Tamil people have thus given leadership to the whole country, and have shown the correct path to the whole nation that we must unite to face our massive challenges.

Long live the Tamil people !
Tamil makkal vazhga !

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