Monday 20 February 2017

All religions are superstitions

All religions are superstitions, the truth lies in science, which is not something final, but is constantly developing. There is no God, soul ( and therefore no transmigration of the soul ), angels, fairies, witches or any other supernatural entity. The only reality is matter ( or rather matter-energy, as Einstein demonstrated ) but matter is in motion, in accordance with certain laws, which can be discovered by scientific research.

Religion and science are poles apart. Religion says there is a thing called God, which is permanent and all powerful. The religious books e.g. the Vedas, the Quran, the Bible, etc are final, and cannot be changed. Science believes that nothing is permanent or final, but is changing according to certain laws, which can be discovered by scientific research. It is true that some scientists believed in God, but that is because for a long period scientific and unscientific ideas will co-exist as the scientific and unscientific outlooks struggle with each other.

But with every advance of science religion recedes. For example, at one time people in their ignorance believed that small pox is due to the wrath of a goddess ( mata ), but now we know it is due to a virus, which can be checked by vaccination. At one time people believed that drought is due to the wrath of the god Indra, who had to be propitiated, but now we know that rain is caused by build up of high pressure and low pressure areas, and drought is due to the non build up of these areas.

As for the question who created matter ( and the Universe ) the answer is : nobody created it. Matter came from matter, in other words, it always existed, but is in motion. If we presume everything must have a Creator, then logically that Creator, too, must have a Creator, i.e a Super Creator, and that Suoer Creator, too must have a Creator, i.e. a Super Super Creator, and so on. We are thus caught in the fallacy of the infinite regress.

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