Tuesday 7 February 2017

Indian 'intellectuals'
Intellectuals are the eyes of society, and without intellectuals the people are blind. That is why in all great revolutions the leadership is provided by intellectuals.
Today India sorely needs genuine intellectuals, as the Indian people are facing massive problems, and they need intellectuals to guide them..
Unfortunately most of our so called 'intellectuals' are pseudo intellectuals, and not genuine ones. They have only bookish, half baked, sterile knowledge, which they have crammed from some books ( this is not to deny the value of book knowledge ), without reflecting on them. Most of our University Professors and other teachers and research scholars have such half baked and sterile knowledge, and they pass this on to their students.
For instance, when I was a student of philosophy in Allahabad University in the 1960s my teachers taught me that the difference between the 6 classical schools of Indian philosophy ( shatadarshan ), i.e. Nyaya, Vaisheshik, Sankhya, Yoga, Purva Mimansa and Uttar Mimansa ( Vedanta ) and the 3 non classical ones i.e. Buddhism, Jainism and Charvaka, was that the former rely on the authority of the Vedas while the latter do not.
But after I had passed out of the University and did my 'svadhyaya' I found that what my teachers had taught me was not correct. Only the 5th and 6th of the shatadarshans, i.e. Purva Mimansa and Uttar Mimansa ( Vedanta ) rely on the authority of the Vedas ( the Purva Mimansa relying on the Brahmana part of the Vedas or shruti, and the Uttar Mimansa relying on the Upanishads ). The first 4 of the shatadarshanas do not rely on the Vedas at all. Obviously my teachers had swallowed what was taught by their teachers without considering whether it was correct.
( see my blogs on Indian Philosophy SATYAM BRUYAT )
Similarly, not one of the Indian University Economics Professors and teachers, many of them having high sounding degrees from Harvard, Yale or the London School of Economics, has any clue how to solve the problems of recession and unemployment, which are the major problems plaguing India, and indeed the whole world today.
The same is the situation in other subjects like Political Science, Literature, History, etc
When I put up a fb post asking the difference between the theories of Locke and Rousseau, I did not get a single satisfactory reply. Ultimately I had to put up another fb post explaining the difference.
Our history has been totally distorted by the Britishers and their lackeys, but hardly any Indian historian has set it right.
No wonder the Indian people are bewildered and our nation is rudderless, like a blind man groping in the dark
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