Friday 3 February 2017

Pakistan Supreme Court seems to be going overboard

An application has evidently been filed in the Pakistan Supreme Court for summoning the Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in connection with the allegations of corruption in the Panama gate affair.

Can anyone in Pakistan ( preferably some lawyer ) inform me under which provision of Pakistan's Constitution this case in the Pakistan Supreme Court is going on ? Is it under the Court's original juriction under Article 184 of Pakistan's Constitution, or under its appellate juriction under Article 185 ? So far as I can gather from the internet, the original jurisdiction is limited to disputes between states, or where a Fundamental right is involved. None of these contingencies seem to be involved in this case.

I had some years earlier criticized the Pakistan Supreme Court for flouting all canons of jurisprudence by removing the then Prime Minister Mr. Gilani from office. A Prime Minister holds office as long he has the confidence of Parliament, and he does not in addition need the confidence of the Supreme Court.( see my article which was published in the Pakistani newspaper online ).

This time also, it appears to me, the Pakistan Supreme Court is going overboard, and is lacking the self restraint expected of a superior court

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