Thursday 2 February 2017

The truth about JNU

JNU claims to be a great centre of free thinkng and of the 'revolutionary' spirit.

But I think this claim is a hoax, and this revolutionary spirit is skin deep. Many JNU students shout ' halla bol ' and ' azadi for Kashmir '.

But why have they never shouted ban on burqa and on sharia law to attain azadi for Muslim women ? Why have they never demanded repeal on the laws against cow slaughter and eating beef ?...

The real reason is that many of the JNUSU members are aspiring politicians, and are members of the youth wings of political parties like Congress, CPI,CPM, BJP, etc and they know that if they make these progressive demands they will be expelled from their parties. Demanding ban on burqa and sharia will endanger the Muslim vote bank of the parties which rely on it, and demanding repeal of the ban on cow slaughter and eating beef will endanger the Hindu votes of those doing beef politics. So very cleverly they avoid making these demands

But I am not in politics, and I do not seek anyone's votes.So I can make these demands, which strike at feudalism and are therefore in the national interest

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