Thursday 16 February 2017

The Indian Century
After China's betrayal of the underdeveloped countries, India, with its huge pool of engineers, technicians, scientists, etc, immense natural resources and large territory has potentially assumed their leadership. We are therefore going to play the most crucial role among all nations in world history in the 21st century, which will be characterized as the century in which the underdeveloped countries struggle to become developed, thus ensuring a high standard of living and decent lives to all their peoples.
But the whole developed world ( including China ) seems to have ganged up against India . This is because with our cheap and huge labour force and industrial base we can undersell the developed countries.
As I have pointed out earlier, cost of labour is a big chunk of the total cost of production, and if the cost of labour is less, the cost of production is less, and then one can sell at a cheaper price. Who then will buy the expensive products of the developed countries ?
Countries with cheap labour thus have a distinct advantage over countries with costlier labour, provided they have an industrial base. India is the most developed of the underdeveloped countries, and is huge. We have also an industrial base today, which we did not have in 1947. We are therefore in a perfect position to become a developed nation, and thus ensure to our people good lives.
But for that we face a long, arduous struggle ahead, as the developed countries will do their level best to ensure that we do not succeed in obtaining our national objective. And for that we must unite and stop fighting among ourselves on the basis of caste, religion, region, language etc
This century is going to be the Indian century

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