Friday 29 August 2014

99% people are good by nature

I am a disciple of the great French philosopher Rousseau ( 1712-1778), who believed that basically men are good by nature, unlike the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes ( 1588-1679), who believed that men are evil by nature.

 That is why I believe that 99% of all people, whether Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Parsi, Jain, Baudh, etc, and of all castes, races, languages, regions, etc are good by nature. But being simple by nature they are often deceived and misguided by the 1% wicked and crafty persons who have their own nefarious purposes and vested interests, and who often make people fight with each other. Such agent provocateurs should be exposed and severely punished


  1. Who will punish them???
    SC works 193 days/year
    HC works 210 days/year
    Trial court works 245/year

    Because of above 2 crores + cases are pending which takes 15-20 or more years per case???

    Courts have time to pass comment on Government administrative work (out of scope) and don't have time to introspect judicial problems?

    Above judicial system and politicians are that 1% people due to which 99% people suffer??????

  2. Sir, on philosophical note. Aren't we seeing south Asia is heading to Kali Yuga? I am seeing No good time, meaning peaceful time to flourish Art, Culture and Language, for south Asia at least in next 100 years. Energy crisis will hit them in 20-30 years. These nations can only feed the people. Nothing more can happen for another 100 years, at least my wisdom informs me. Inflation crisis has already hit India. People visiting Psychological clinics are exponentially increasing. In Tamil Nadu, 54% of state government Revenue is doled out as Salaries and Pensions!. Most of the states in USA, all the 50 states have their employees Salaries and Pensions in the range of only 2-5% of their budget. Gujarat is better, last year it spent only 16% of the Revenue for its Employee Salaries and Pensions!. How can we expect Indian states to improve, Law Enforcement, Judiciary, Infrastructure, technology in governing etc... with literally no funds left them? Our government is spending huge Employee salaries&pensions , doling out subsidy is second most expense. I am watching from 1991, nothing has changed in reality except few such Fiscal Deficit controlling legislations and mechanisms for Central and State governments. But, even there the States have found circumventing and manipulating the Fiscal Deficit numbers to obey Central Laws but continuing the Freebies. Some states are even aggressive now compared prior to Fiscal Consolidations Law passed out!. Tell me sir, when will South Asia reach peaceful time?

    1. I have advised my Tamil Nadu State Government to start bring down the State spending for Employees from current 50% range to below 10% in the next 7-8 years. Otherwise, even my grand kids cannot see a developed India 50 years later!. NRIs have huge knowledge. Why not the government come up with plans to put their knowledge and wisdom to benefit the nation!

  3. Why those 1% are given permission by the 99% people to expolit. Are most of them in that 99% are just fools/cowards? The fact is that the masses have to stand up one to one, not to agitate but to raise the voice and come to action for anything found incorrect in at least their close vicinity if acting wide range of the area is not feasible at the beginning. This can also be done and made practical if at least we can gather to speak the truth and support the person who is on the side of truth and if at any time we are not having such power to stand at the side of the truth to support it then at least we must not support the guilty. "Chetna" comes but again we go to deep sleep and when the things start getting worse again our "Neend" breaks a bit.

    1. Mr Jain, I am not up against to counter with you. Its just more of enhancement to add. The 99% and 1% is not scientifically measured numbers. I believe what Mr.Katju referring is majority of human beings are good and true. Very few here and there are not so good in the creation of nature. However, your argument about 1% exploiting the 99% seems very true when looked at society and nation how they are working. That's a fall-out from the democracy of the current times. In nature, wherever and whenever a crisis unfolds, the collective wisdom of people come to work to remedy it. They find a way to overcome it. The change occurs very slowly in a 5 year election cycle. 5 year is lengthy period for current generation to effect a change, they may feel frustrated. There is no quick-fix for societal problems, although we feel outraged.

  4. Sir, 99% good people may sound very optimistic estimate and it will be difficult by 1% to spoil 99%. May be Pareto’s 80:20 or statistical 1 or 2 or 3 σ would be more appropriate. All must have read the story in Mahabharatha, blind Dhirdharashtr wanted to know about his country and country men. He asked Yudhishtir and Dhuriyodhan to make visit country (desh yatra) and report. After the yatra, Yudhishtir gave a very good report and Dhuriyodhan gave a very bad report. Dhirdharashtr concluded mix of both good and bad people in his country.
    Sir, again, good and bad are very relative. 100 cr corrupt men thinks he is honest comparing with lac cr corrupt and so on down the line. A well known tamil motivational speaker said, our prayer to the God itself starts with some returns in Hundi. Even, God status are rated according to it’s wealth. Today money is the God. Some business men don’t pay their employee’s salary for months/years’ together, but donates kilo’s of gold in Hundis.
    For good governance, much more good people have to come to government. In today’s environment, it is a very highly expensive / risky endeavor and therefore, most good people shy away. By God’s grace, still some make it a point to come and do service, that is why our country made some progress, green revolution, white revolution, science & technology such as BARC, ISRO, IITs, IIMs, etc. irrespective of all odds. Change is the only constant for continues quality improvements. In India, change is very difficult unless the system breaks down as said by last PM, probably, that is what happened in the last election. Let us hope to have good future.