Monday 11 August 2014

Khap Panchayat

It is shocking to know that a khap panchayat in Muzaffarnagar issued a dictat that unmarried girls should not wear jeans or use mobile phones. Strong action in accordance with law should be taken against such persons who issue such dictats which violate individual freedom


  1. Sir,
    As long as this society remains patriarchal khap panchayats and their irrational pronouncements to hog the limelight are a reality.
    Female education is the mitigant and the edifice of khap panchayats should be brought down starting by denying them legality.

  2. How such things happen in India, even after several decades after it has become a democratic republic with a written Constitution which ensures many things? An effort is needed to delete all contradictory laws, if such things exist.

  3. Sir, why do you not initiate any action. why do you not file a PIL praying for abolishment of such Khap-panchayats? I wish retired judges served the country in more fruitful ways; which they most certainly can but won't. As they say, easier said than done. Writing a Blog, telling people to do this & that but not doing something constructive on your own is sheer hypocrisy. I do have immense respect for your knowledge of law but I wish you applied it in a more constructive manner post-retirement.

    Alas! this is a country where 99% people are idiots!

  4. SIr, thank you so much for writing and educating me about my country. When you write whats happening, if you could also throw in your two cents about what you think is the solution to such problems, that would help us delve more into the problem and initiate some action maybe?