Saturday 30 August 2014

It must be understood that India is not like U.S.A. or Europe. In U.S.A. or Europe if someone says that Jesus Christ was gay. there may not be much of a reaction. But in India if one  says the same about Lord Rama or Prophet Mohammed there is bound to be a strong reaction, which may even turn violent. This is because most Indians are strongly religious. Hence while we must spread scientific ideas ( which I have been propagating throughout as that is necessary for India's progress), we must take care not to hurt peoples religious sentiments, as that would be counter productive. Surely scientific ideas can be spread without insulting the Quran or Prophet Mohammed or Lord Rama or Lord Ganesh.


  1. USA or Europe people are materialistic and Indian's are spiritual people.

    Also when people want publicity they intentionally hurt religious feelings some say about Lord Ganesh and some retire judges claim Lord Ram to be human not God etc

    Being strongly religious is not problem but everyone should respect eachothers faith scientist and judges or others are not for certifying existence of God or commenting on God of particular religion?

  2. Does disagreeing with you invite blockade from your side? I was surprised that you had blocked me from commenting on your facebook page: that is very undemocratic.

  3. I agree with u sir to the extent that both people with belief or without should not act in a condescending manner towards each other.
    Although a scientific inquiry will put any reasonable man on path which will collide with dogmatic,unreasonable and outdated ideas of people of faith and telling people without faith not to voice their opinion about what they think about religion is injustice..

  4. Dear Justice Katju,

    Regarding your below blog which is well written, I agree with you.

    Christians get offended by insults to Christ.

    However Christians are taught to forgive and love their enemies just as Jesus forgave those who insulted him while he hung on the Cross.

    Hence Christians never ask for the death penalty for blasphemy but only request that offensive posts against Christ be removed.