Friday 15 August 2014

Real Independence Day

Today is India's Independence Day, and I send my greetings to all on this occasion.

But on 15.8.1947 India achieved only political independence, not economic independence. About 80% of our people are still poor, lacking basic necessities of a decent life. This is no independence for them.

Real independence will come when the Indian masses are prosperous, enjoying a high standard of living, when poverty, unemployment, lack of healthcare, good education, etc and social evils like the caste system, discrimination against women, etc are abolished, when true secularism is established, and when India gets its rightful place in the comity of nations.

That will be the day of our real Independence. I will almost certainly not be alive to see that day ( as I am already an old man of 68), but many of you young people will. But let me warn you. To achieve it will require about 20 or more years of tremendous struggle by the masses led by the patriotic, modern minded section of India, a struggle in which colossal sacrifices will have to be made.

But when that day comes I will be watching it with great happiness from the other world, weeping for those who will have fallen in this struggle ( and their numbers will be staggering), and marvelling at the stupendous achievement of the Indian masses led by their patriotic, modern minded leaders.


  1. Sir please look into this misrepresentation of Param Vir Chakra (PVC) shown as rajiv khel ratna award in the post. Does the media houses d'nt even know the difference between the out countrys highest military gallantry award n the rajiv khel ratna award....God Bless our Country..

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  3. Happy Independence day sir!

  4. Justice Katju, happy Independence Day. Your Article is filled with pearls of wisdom and is an eye opener ton all Indians longing for a Better India. Yes we hope to see that Day too !!!

  5. "To achieve it (Prosperity to all Indians) will require about 20 or more years of tremendous struggle by the masses led by the patriotic, modern minded section of India, a struggle in which colossal sacrifices will have to be made."
    Here I disagree with you a bit. The modern minded and progressive section of Indians do not need to undertake any 'tremendous struggle' with 'colossal sacrifices' for achieving prosperity to all. They only have to work with a cool and broad minded mind shedding of their greed, laziness and selfishness. Let the intelligent Indians with competence, character, courage and compassion manage the Indian affairs. If that happens, in a decades time this country would surpass several other nations and prosperity to all would come without any such big sacrifice. But of course, they have to sacrifice their special privileges, their opportunities to exploit others and their greed.

    1. Mr. Rajan C Mathew I have read you appeasing blog. As far as I know though not personally but one way through internet and so, that Justice Katju has darred many times earlier too on very serious matters and with his opinion I too have agreed many times. He is not a bit know to me till date. He has very straightly criticized his own media press/newspapers for showing the gossip and glamour with the priority and not showing the real problems of the country so that the things can be changed.
      He has written a good article "The Independence Day" which shows his patriotism and pain that lie within his heart for the nation and for which you too might agree. As far as his view of reaching the goal of real India is concerned, it might take more than that or it might take much less than that, depending on the efforts actually made.
      The masses can turn the throne by revolt and agitations but the real change and what so called the good change can only come when the Government and the people of a country work together, with love and respect for each other. But its the truth that the masses have not felt the rulers or in a democratic world we can say the government, has made place in the heart of the general public. I am not at all talking about the BJP regime which has not actually started fetching the results yet. But I hope that this Modi may do the things that were expected to be done by our actual netas Sardar Vallabh Bhai, Lal Bahadur Shashtri and others. I am not in favour of any party, person and sternly believe in the acts and words spoken by anyone irrespective of the fact who has spoken them. the decision for the right or wrong should not be decisive on the ground that who has spoken rather the emphasis should be what has been spoken. And if this will be improved then a lot of the problems like chamcha giri/corruption/dishonety etc ills can be checked to an extent.
      Mr. Rajan what you have written here is mirroring a positive/passionate/practical approach of yours and which is also a need of the day. I will be thankful if you mail your id on my id as I rarely go on the blog as it is just a chance today that I got opportunity to know you. Belated Happy Independence Day to you and all fellow Indians deep from heart. Proud to be indian because not only because we are born here but also that we have a rich heritage that can give others too to do their good.

  6. very meaningful............keep up the good work