Sunday 3 August 2014

Justice Dave's Statement

I totally disagree with Justice Dave's statement that Gita and Mahabharat  should be made compulsory in schools.

In a country of such diversity as ours, nothing of this kind should be compelled or imposed, as that is against our nation's secular feature and Constitution. Muslims and Christians may not want their children to be taught these books. Should their children yet be forced to read them ?

Some people say that Gita only teaches morality, and has nothing to do with religion. But Muslims may say that only the Quran teaches morality, Christians may say that only the Bible teaches morality, Sikhs may say that only the Guru Granth Saheb teaches morality, Parsis may say that only the Zend Avesta teaches morality, etc

 In my opinion such compulsion or imposition will do great harm to the unity of our country.


  1. Absolutely, When i read this news i myself thought that something is wrong but unable to express that.However he merely stated in the context of dictatorship in the sense he acknowledge that his statement could have disagreement among the peoples of various religions as Justice Katju said like Christianity and Islam.

    In my view the good concepts of any religious texts (of course gita has nothing to do with the religion) can be included without naming their source if religion is barrier to them.

  2. To further elaborate the point about morality, it must be noted the morality is elastic and relative. While the laws of mathematics, physics, etc are based in fact, moral laws are function of social acceptance.

    Circumcision is quite normal for people of the jewish (and Islamic) faith; outside it mutilation of a children's genitalia would be considered child abuse at a minimum. Similarly, bushmen in the kalahari are perfectly comfortable living their lives nude, using minimal clothing merely for protection against the elements.

    For a peaceful society to exist, every one has to learn to exercise a certain moral relativity, to be an empathetic human being before flexing moral muscle. Otherwise we will always spend our lives segregated, with various factions offending, enraging and confusing each other.

  3. It is my believe that gist of all religious preaching is for betterment of human life. Therefore, not only from Bhagawat Geeta but from the other religious boos, good things may be teaches to students suited to circumstantial condition of the society so that they may grow up as good human beings.

  4. Most dangerous part of statement was - had i been a dictator of India.This coming from a supreme court judge seriously questions our faith in democracy. After Independence, we declared India as a democratic republic and ratified constitution, which promises liberty to belief and worship. A supreme court judge is supposed to interpret same constitution and give rulings which are in spirit of constitution. Although one can understand intent and sentiments of Justice Dave, this statement may give impression that dictatorship is only way to bring in something good in system. This is more important in India,where we had one emergency and there is no dearth of people favoring dictatorship (right-wing or leftist). We should not forget Dr Ambedkars warning about indian democracy- ‘top dressing on Indian soil, which is essentially undemocratic'. This statement by Justice Dave had achieved nothing but undermining faith in capabilities of the democratic institutions to bring about required changes without eroding fundamental rights of citizens

  5. You re 100 % correct. I am surprised how a SC judge has desire of becoming dictator, He has just contempted the constitution of India, he has contempted the democratic institution of this country. This is the most shameful comment ever heard from a Supreme court judge. I suspect may be he is retiring soon from SC and may felt his comment may please Modi, or RSS to get better opportunities post retirement.

  6. Sir can you explain the influence of Jaimini's Purva Mimamsa on the Gita.

  7. i am totally 100% agree with mr .katzu ! is we forward on middle age or we go to rational ?

  8. While making this statement Justice Dave appears to have bent himself to get favour from the current establishment which would like everybody to have a Gita and Ramayan in his hand. The Judge wants to be Dictator to impose his wills. What kind of a democratic institution Justice Dave visualises under the Constitution which he is required to follow in and out of service. At the same time it also clearly indicates how judges would like to sit on judgement when such matter comes up for hearing.

  9. The Comments of Honorable Justice of Supreme Court Mr. Dave should be taken in the right spirit. I feel that his view should be compared to St Thiyagaraya's Krithis in praise of Lord Ram which flowed like a Ganges spontaneously. Let us analyse the importance of his statement without giving a coloured opinion on secularism. Holy kuran applies to devout Muslim. Holy Bible applies to devout Christian but Bhagwat Gita, Ramayan and Mahabharat applies to all human beings – it is based on the concept of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam, The Human Family is one.
    Dhanvanthri is the God of medicine for Hindus, Asclepius is the God of medicine for Christians. Are we not reading their practices? Are we shunning them by saying that Dhanvanthri or Asclepius views should not be introduced in the Curriculum because they are against secularism? Bapuji always said that he is driven by his Antharvani – inner voice. Whenever he is disturbed he read Bhagwat Gita for solutions. Can we say that Bapuji is Hindu fanatic? When a person is suffering physical ailments we rely on medicine and its practices propounded by Dhavanthri. Can Mr. Katju say that Dhavanthri is a Hindu fanatic and so don’t read his views? Bhagwat Gita is a medicine comparable to Amrut for a person whose mind is ailing (criminals) which is more dangerous than a body ailment.
    Mahabharat tells us the human beings, on how one should not live (with hatred, jealousy, arrogance etc.). Ramayan tells us how one should live by following the path of Dharma, Dhaya and Satya. Bhagwat Gita tells us how a man should face his life which is a mixture of sorrow and happiness (light and darkness). So where is the problem for secularism when one introduces Bhagwat Gita or Mahabharat? The Problem of the current generation is growing degradation of values on account of search for materialistic life (Man has forgotten old parents, helping others but thinking of making money for generations by corruption). He is thinking something, talking something and doing something else. The Highest, permanent and eternal happiness for a human being will come when he serves the needy and not in making thousands of crores in scams.
    Let us take the example of Tamil Nadu, the poor and downtrodden all over praise the Chief Minister Madam J Jayalalitha and pray for her long life because she is able to address their burning concerns – Amma canteens, Amma water, Amma medicines etc. She did not go to management institutes but the way a government departments synonymous for corruption are working so efficiently achieving the objective is a lesson for many management institutes to study and do research. Everyone should know that it is because of her excellent knowledge, understanding and practice of Bhagwat Gita, Ramayan and Mahabharat that she is able to administer the state so well with peace and tranquillity. I therefore humbly appeal to all the intellectuals to take this discussion forward and not cut it by painting the demon of secularism. The concept of God or divine is nothing but practicing Dharma. For Hindu’s it may be Shiva or Vishnu, for Muslims it is Allah and for Christians it is Jesus. So Dharma = Vishnu = Allah = Jesus. But let Bhagwat Gita NOT be the medium for forcing one religion views against others then it will become fanaticism.
    V Venkata Sivakumar, FCA, LL.M