Saturday 16 August 2014

God help this country

I met a friend who is head of an educational institution in Meerut today. He told me that he recently held an interview of persons who applied for the posts of lecturers, Assistant and Associate Professors in his college. The applicants all had a master's degree, some even pursuing Ph.D.

One candidate was asked who is Maneka Gandhi ? The answer : daughter of Mahatma Gandhi. When my friend asked are you sure, he said daughter of Indira Gandhi. 

Another candidate was asked who is the President of U.S. A. ? Answer : Osama. When my friend asked, please think again, he said Barack Osama.

Another candidate was asked, who is the Vice President of India ? Answer : Raj Nath Singh. 

Another candidate was asked who was the Prime Minister of India ? Answer Pranab Mukherji. Another candidate was asked what is the colour of the Indian flag ? Answer, red. 

Similar howlers were given by many applicants. And these are persons wanting to become lecturers, Assistant and Associate Professors ! God help this country.


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  2. Even God can not help this country !


  3. Very apt issue raised. Let us hope that situation will improve

  4. Flaws in our education system. Wrong way to judge capabilities - Degree.

  5. One wonders if even God can help us. Thinking too much of ourselves and almost 100% relying on whatever past glory, for far too long we have just ambled along - clueless. To top it up we have managed to accumulate potent amounts of indifference - a sure fire recipe for disaster. There are no role models. Moral instruction has become a joke. Almost all institutions of trust have been wiped away. So there is just not trust deficit but a gaping trust black hole. For any given thing - when there is a group of 10, we atleast have 12 opinions. In all this confusion, frustration and helplessness we invariably manage to shoot the messenger before we even hear the message. Not sure if 1 Modi is enough to remedy. But having said all this - there is now renewed HOPE. Which is a real good sign. After all what is life, without hope. So we can hope GOD can save us.

  6. Our system failed to provide quality education to its citizens...we have started to ROLL BACKWARD! Pandit Nehru predicted this and warned; but all politicians and selfish bureaucrats ignored Pandit's message and rolling this country towards Backward. At our schools for 67 years students are taught that our country is a Developing Country, still how many years we are going to chant the same slogan "India is a Developing Country"...Extending purposeful and quality equal education to all younger generation is the only solution to improve the situation.