Friday 12 August 2016

Behaving like medeival idiots and bigots

A Muslim body, the Majlis Tahaffuze Khatme Nabuwat ( MTKM ), has demanded from the Central Government that the Ahmediyas be declared as non Muslims, and Owaisi, true to his nature, has jumped into the fray.

Now it is true that most Muslims believe that Muhammed was the last prophet, whereas the Ahmediyas, who are a small sect in India and Pakistan, believe that there was also a prophet in the 19th century called Mirza Ghulam Ahmed.

If Ahmediyas believe that there was a prophet after Muhammed, are they cutting off anyone's head, are they chopping off anyone's limbs ?

Shias believe that the first three Caliphs ( Khalifas ), i.e. Abu Bakr, Umar and Usman, who are recognized by Sunnis, were usurpers. So should Shias also be declared as non Muslims ?

All this shows the medeival bigotry and idiocy of certain people. Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, and any religion or sect is allowed freedom for its beliefs. This is not Pakistan where the Constitution was amended and Ahmediyas declared as non Muslims, and treated horribly.
India has to modernize if our people are to have decent lives with a high standard of living, and for this rationalism and scientific thinking has to be promoted. Religious bigots, whether Hindu or Muslim, who wish to keep our country in the dark, medeival age, should be ruthlessly suppressed, treating them as enemies of the nation

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