Tuesday 16 August 2016

The Prime Minister's historic speech

The Prime Minister's reference to Balochistan and POK in his Independence Day Speech at Red Fort in Delhi has come not a moment too soon. In fact it should have come in some speech much earlier, and also by earlier Prime Ministers, and it should also have referred to the demand for independence by people of Sind and NWFP. The speech reminds me of Nehru's speech ' A Tryst with Destiny '. Now we are going to have another tryst with our destiny.

How long must we tolerate the Pakistani leaders castigating and condemning us over Kashmir ? How long must we tolerate their incitement, encouragement and support of the Kashmiri agitations and militancy ? How long must we remain at the receiving end ? It is time now to pay them back in the same coin. Just as Pakistan is giving training, weapons and supplies to militants in Kashmir, we too must start organizing, training and supplying weapons etc to Sindhis, Balochis, and the NWFP people who have been suppressed by Punjabis in the Pakistan security services for long, and want independence. Pakistanis must be told frankly : since you wanted azadi for Kashmir, let us also have azadi for the people of Sind, Balochistan and NWFP.

I have repeatedly said that Pakistan is a fake, artificial entity ( I refuse to call it a country ), and that the Partition of 1947 was sham, fraudulent, and a historical swindle on us, on the basis of the bogus two nation theory, behind which was the wicked British divide and rule policy ( see my article ' The Truth about Pakistan ' online and on my blog Satyam Bruyat. It was published in the Pakistan newspaper 'The Nation ' ). I have also said that India and Pakistan ( and Bangladesh ) will one day definitely reunite., as we are really one nation, artificially divided, like Germany in 1945 ( see my blogs in this connection e.g. ' India and Pakistan: the case for reunification ' , ' India and Pakistan ', etc).

Many people then called me a maverick and a dreamer. I replied that Mazzini who spoke of Italian Unification, was also called a dreamer by many at one time, but later his dream became a reality due to Garibaldi and Cavour. The dream of German unification was realized twice, once under Bismarck in 1871, and then again in 1990.

In fact Prime Minister Modi's speech at the Red Fort is the first step in reuniting India and Pakistan ( and Bangladesh ).

What is Pakistan ? It is Punjab, Sind, Balochistan and NWFP. These were all part of India since Mughal times.

And in Pakistan, Punjabis dominate, while people of the other 3 provinces are suppressed by Punjabis and denied the independence they want.

When I meet a Pakistani, I feel no different from him. We look like each other, speak the same language Hindustani, ( called Hindi in India and Urdu in Pakistan ), have the same culture, the same love for Urdu poetry and Hindustani music, biryani and other dishes, etc. In foreign countries Indians and Pakistanis mix and socialize as if Partition had never taken place. This was my own experience during my visits to North America and Europe.

We were befooled by the Britishers into thinking we are enemies and different nations, but how much longer must we remain befooled.? How much longer must blood flow between us ? How much longer must we spend a huge amount of money buying foreign arms, money which could have been spent on the welfare of our poor people ? We must reunite under a secular government which while guaranteeing freedom of religion to all, does not tolerate religious extremism or bigotry of any kind, whether Hindu or Muslim, and crushes it with an iron hand.

The first step towards reunification has been taken by Prime Minister Modi's speech by his references to Balochistan and POK.The next step in this direction will be to dismember Pakistan ( which, as I said, is no country at all in the first place ). In fact dismemberment of Pakistan had begun in 1971 when Bangladesh was created. Now the next step must be to help Sind, Baluchistan, and NWFP, which today lie under the Punjabi military jackboot, to become independent ( later, they will voluntarily unite with us ). There are already organizations in these provinces which want independence, and we must start sending them arms and other supplies on a large scale. This would not be difficult since we have a long border with Sindh.

Those who talk of 'improving' relations between India and Pakistan are living in a fool's paradise. There can never be good relations between us, because Pakistan was created by the British as a theocratic state so that tension, enmity and hostility remain, and the Indian sub continent remains weak and backward. This serves two objectives ( 1 ) India ( of which Pakistan is really a part ) does not emerge as a modern industrial giant ( of which it now has all the potential ), and thereby does not become a big rival to Western industry (2 ) India and Pakistan remain a huge market for the Western arms industries ( India is the biggest foreign arms purchaser in the world ).

So it will not be easy for us to reunite, as those who divided us will not let us easily reunite. But we are bound to reunite one day by the effort of our patriotic modern minded people, as the Partition of 1947 was on the basis of the bogus two nation theory. We are really one nation, but the British wickedly brainwashed many of us into believing that Hindus and Muslims are enemies and two separate nations, so that we keep fighting each other and remain weak. Until we reunite we will remain poor and backward, and the worst thing in life is poverty

When we reunite we will have a huge market for growth of a highly developed modern industry, which alone can generate the wealth we require for converting India into a highly prosperous, highly industrialized country with its people enjoying a high standard of living and decent lives. There will be freedom of religion in this reunited India, but no freedom of religious bigotry or extremism.
Yesterday evening I received a telephone call from a Pakistani youth who lives in Lahore .

. He asked whether in reunited India he will have a chance of becoming the Prime Minister of the country ? I replied certainly. There will be no discrimination in such a reunited India, and a person of any religion, race, language, region or gender can become the Prime Minister and lead the nation

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