Wednesday 17 August 2016

How to win Olympic gold medals

Why cant we rig the Olympics to win medals ? We are experts in rigging elections, recruitments, exams, etc.So why not Olympics too ?
I had read Mario Puzo's novel 'The Godfather ' a long time back, and that has given me an idea.
We should first send our 'Consiegliere', someone like Tom Hagen, ( and there are lots of them among our politicians and bureaucrats ) ) to the relevant Olympic officials to make them 'an offer they cannot refuse'.
If this does not work out, we should then send them a note stating that if our sportspersons are not awarded gold medals, we will do to the officials something akin to what Don Vito Corleone did to persuade the Hollywood film producer Jack Woltz to award the leading film role to his godson Johnny Fontane.
When Tom Hagen's 'reasonable' persuasion did not work, the head of Woltz's favourite horse Khartoum was cut off and placed in his bed at night, so that when he woke up in the morning he got such a shock and was so terrified that he quickly gave the film role to Fontane.
So we should send a note to the Olympic officials mentioning this story, and stating that if gold medals are not awarded to our sportspersons, the head of the officials' wives or girl friends will be lying on their beds the next morning. That will surely do the job
What do you think of this idea ? Isnt it brilliant ?

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