Friday 26 August 2016

Prepare for the long haul in Kashmir

Those who think that some political dialogue can resolve the Kasmir problem are living in a fool's paradise. They do not know the realities. So let me explain.
The Kashmiri militants are using sophisticated weapons and other supplies. Where are these sophisticated weapons and supplies coming from ? Such sophisticated weapons and supplies do not fall from the sky. Obviously some outside power is supplying them and training the militants in use of these weapons.
Moreover, these militants demanding azadi are only brainwashed pawns like Burhan Wani and Ajmal Qasab. Pawns are only pieces which the chess player uses in the game. The power which is behind these pawns, the real chess player who is using them is China ( through Pakistan ), as I have explained in my blog
Please go through the above blog carefully in order to understand the real game of China..
I submit that it will take 10-15 years or more to resolve the Kashmir problem, and till then the turmoil, imbroglio and violence will continue, however sad and unfortunate that may be.
As for the demand for azadi, I have already explained in my article published in Huffington Post that such azadi will be against the interest of Kashmiris, as it will result in Islamic fundametalism being imposed in Kashmir, which will throw back Kashmir into the dark Middle Ages. The demand is hence totally reactionary. Morever, azadi, even if achieved, will not last long. Kashmir will soon thereafter be swallowed up by Pakistan, and come under the Pakistani military jackboot.
The correct demand for Kashmiris is reunification of India and Pakistan ( and Bangladesh ) under a strong, modern minded secular state which while guaranteeing freedom of religion to all does not tolerate religious extremism of bigotry, whether Hindu or Muslim, and crushes it with an iron hand. This reunited state must then rapidly industrialize the country and ensure a high standard of living and decent life to all.
Such reunification will not be easy, it will take 15-20 years, but till then the Kashmir pot will keep boiling

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