Thursday 18 August 2016

The Army's anguish

A retired Lt. General of the Indian Army sent me this piece by email :

The General Officer Commanding, Delhi Area, who is of the rank of a Major General, used to escort the Prime Minister to the dias every Independence Day at Red Fort.

This year Babus ( i.e. civil administrative officers ) did it, and the GOC walked behind in the third row. 

The GOC used to be the only dignitary standing behind the Prime Minister. This year it was a Babu who was there, and the GOC was pushed to the side. I wonder why the GOC stood there if he was to be treated with such disdain and distrespect?

I was told that the GOC Gen Mitra had conveyed that he will not allow the protocol to be breached and he will stand next to the PM and not next to a Babu. But sadly the Army allowed itself to be relegated.

It is time the Army moved out from all these ceremonial commitments and let the civil administration handle it. Why should we let ourselves be treated as working hands, expendables, unhonoured and unsung???

Unfortunately the army, whose officers and soldiers give their lives gallantly defending the country is conveniently forgotten on such solemn occasions.
The closing remarks of the PM in his Independence Day speech.were
"Jal, thal, nabh mein hamari raksha karte hue police karmiyon ko main salaam karta hoon".

So now the Defense Services will no longer be governed by MIML and DSR.
The Defense Services will now be governed by the Police Manual. 

Retirement age of Lt. Generals is 60 years, that of lower ranks is less. .
Honesty, and devotion to duty of armed forces is the same, if not more, than the police, but we are often forgotten..
Our dedication to the country and society is the same as of Ministers, MPs and MLAs.

Congratulations to all! 
As per PM's speech, the Armed forces have now been converted into police.
This is definitely not a slip of the tongue.
Also, the PM closed his speech mentioning " 33000 police karmi ne balidan diya hai ".  No mention of the armed forces.

The Doval imprint was clearly in this. the police is supreme. while the Military sacrifices are in vain.

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