Friday 11 July 2014

Anecdote: Pt. Nehru and Students of Allahabad University

A friend of mine , who is now no more, was a few years older than me. He told me this story when I was in Allahabad.

In the late 1950s a Convocation was held in the Allahabad University. In this function some University students, including my friend, put a garland of shoes on the neck of the U.P. Governor ( in protest of something ). Consequently they were expelled from the University.

They decided to go to Delhi and request the Prime Minister Pt. Nehru to get their.expulsion revoked.
They took the night train to Delhi, travelling W.T. ( without ticket). When the T.T,E. came and asked for their tickets they shouted "Hum Prime Minister ke costituency ke hain. Bhaag jao ", and the poor T.T. fled.

On reaching Delhi they went straight to the Prime Minister's residence at Teen Murti. When they wanted to enter the house they were stopped by the securitymen, who naturally asked whether they had an appointment. They said "Hum Prime Minister ke constituency ke hain. Hamein appointment wapointment ki zaroorat naheen hai. "When the secuiritymen would still not allow them entry they threatened to commit suicide at the gate of the P.M.s house, and created a ruckus.

This news reached Pt. Nehru, who ordered that they be allowed entry. The students then trooped into the P.M.s house, and were usherted into a big hall, where there were a lot of dry fruits--kishmish, badaam, akhrot, cashew nuts, etc. They ate some, and pocketed a lot for future use.

After a few minutes, Pt. Nehru came into the hall, in shorts and a vest, and shouted "Jao padho, padho"

The students replied "Kahaan padhein sahib ? Hamein expel kar diya gaya hai "

Pt. Nehru again shoted "Padho,padho "and left the hall.

The students were non-plussed, and they left the house wondering what the P.M. meant.

They then caught the night train to return to Allahabad,( again travelling W.T. and eating the dry fruit they had pocketed at the P.M.s residence).In the morning, when the train reached Fatehpur, the station before Allahabad, one of them got off the train and bought a newspaper at the platform. There it was published that the expulsion had been revoked by the University Vice Chancellor.

Probably, Pt. Nehru, the magnanimous man that he was, had told a secretary to telephone the Vice Chancellor and request him to forgive the students and readmit them. After all boys will be boys (particularly Allahabad boys ! ).


  1. Katju sir I want to know your views on Israel Palestine conflict

  2. Hahaha!!:-P amazing story..!!!
    After all Allahabad boy's are different!!!
    Allahabadiyon ki pehchan hi alag hoti hai!!!!
    I'm also from Allahabad!!!
    Sir once in my lyfe I want to meet you.

  3. Student life is the best life a man has.