Monday 28 July 2014

Three Incidents to show the existence of democracies in Ancient India.

Democracies existed in ancient india, and to demonstrate this we may consider only three incidents ;

(1) In the Buddhist text 'Mahaparinirvan Sutra ' it is mentioned that when King Ajatshatru of Magadha was planning to attack the Vajjian democracy he sent a messenger to the Buddha for his opinion. Instead of speaking to this messenger, the Buddha said to one of his disciples : " Have you heard Anand that the Vajjians foregather often, and frequent the public meetings of their clan ? So long Anand as the Vajjians so foregather, and so frequent, the public meetings of their clan, so long they may be expected, not to decline, but to prosper.

(2) In the 'Avadana Shatak ', a Sanskrit Buddhist text of the second century B.C. it is mentioned that a group of merchants went from North India to the Deccan, and were asked by the King of the Deccan as to who was the King who ruled over North India ?
The merchants replied : 
" Deva, kechit deshah ganadhinah, kechit rajaadhinah ,iti "

Which means :

" Your Majesty, certain areas are under democratic governments, while others are under Kings "

(3) When Alexander the Great invaded India in 326 B.C. he found his toughest opposition from the Mallavas, who were a people under a democratic government ( see the Anabasis of Arrian ).


  1. Good to know this and you also said that Ancient India was leading in Science and Technology, i would be happy if you post something related to that much like democracy, could you please..

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  3. I dont really understand as to why everything written by you in the blog is deliberately being misquoted and interferes your postings being removed.

  4. Don't know what it means to say we have a King and a democracy.In my opinion there existed thousands of Kings in India,who accumlated all the wealth,majority didn't care for the people,didn't estd. any university or city.Spend most time fighting with each other and indulged in royal luxuries.