Wednesday 2 July 2014

Opening Courts 365 days a year

The Chief Justice of India has said that Courts should remain open 365 days in a year. How is this possible ? Does a Judge not require some rest ? Is he not a human being with a family to look after ?
It is true that while many Judges work hard, others do not. But even a hard working Judge requires some rest and has a family.

Similarly, lawyers and registry officials, too have families to look after and, being human beings, need some rest. I am not holding a brief for Judges who do not work hard. All I am requesting is for the public to consider the situation.

The Allahabad High Court, in which I was a Judge (from 1991 to 2004) had set a norm that a Judge of the subordinate judiciary ( i.e. from Munsif upto District Judge) should have at a time not more than 300 cases before him. When I was a senior Judge in Allahabad High Court I enquired from the Chief Judicial Magistrate, Kanpur Nagar, who had come to meet me, how many cases he had in his Court alone. He replied 30,000. Similarly, I asked a judge posted in Ghaziabad how many cases he had in his court alone. He replied 21,000. Another subordinate judiciary judge told me he had 15,000 cases pending in his court alone.

This shows the plight of the judiciary. After all we are not supermen. If a man can carry a maximum load of, say, 100 pounds, and if an elephant is placed on his head, what will happen ? He will collapse. The massive load of arrears is simply too heavy for the judiciary to carry, and the filing of new cases is also huge.

To decide a case properly takes some time. After all, the Judge has to read the papers, hear arguments from both sides, think over the matter, read the law books, and then only a high quality judgment can come. It cannot come in a second by a wave of Alladin's magic lamp !

People do not know this situation and yet blame the judges for not working hard.

I again repeat, I am not holding a brief for Judges who do not work hard. Also, I am not holding a brief for corrupt Judges. While many Judges are honest, there are some who are corrupt. But how much can even an honest and hard working Judge do in the face of such massive arrears? L
awyers and registry officials too, being human beings, require some rest.

Moreover, even during vacations all courts have vacation benches to deal with urgent cases.
In U.S.A. 97% cases are disposed off by mediation, not adjudication. We too must find some alternative dispute resolution mechanisms. But asking Judges to work 365 days in a year is, with due respect to the Chief Justice of India, no solution


  1. Sir why don't we use software to increase productivity of judges.Agree with you its not quantity of time that judge need to spend,they need to spend more quality time.

  2. Justice Katju, it is simple increase manpower.

  3. We'll I don't agree with you on this. You appear to be confused between individuals and system. For example indian railways work for 24 hours 365 days does it mean individuals work for 24 hrs without rest ? No it simple mean we provide enough man power to cover all 24 hrs. N that's exactly is required in judiciary. Individuals has limits but we can always empower system to make it work for us 24 hrs 365 days.

  4. hospitals run 24 hours a day and 365 days an year . That does not mean that doctors and nurses and other staff do not get holidays. they are rostered and doctors organise cover for themselves. It is about time the judicial system embrace changes happening in the rest of the world rather than maintaining the status quo.

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  11. You have rightly described all problems against opening courts 365 Days. But it is great sad that you such intelligent judge ignored other factors in support of above excellent plan given by Honble CJI who initiated the new concept. In 365 days concept, nos. of daily courts will be reduced slightly i.e. some judges will avail leave on rotation basis and these reduced courts will work on Saturday, Sunday & Holidays. E.g in SC there are 15 courts now working which open only 193 days in a year which if reduce to 10 benches daily so total courts in a year will be 3650 instead 15X193=2895. It increases 21% productivity without curtailing any leaves, holidays etc. If it is required to increase some judges to keep open court all the days, pl increase slightly. Pl think about public not for lawyers. In holidays, lawyers who are now earning very less can work and will get opportunity to take more case and other heavily busy/engaged lawyers can avail leave on these days. It is also increase job opportunity among lawyers who earn less or who are not getting high nos of cases. Pl think how 3 crore pending cases in courts. You have mentioned large cases handled by Kanpur and Gaziabad courts, so how you forget to dispose these cases in 2-3 years not in 15 years. I am on twitter @mcsncr M C Srivastava Gurgaon