Tuesday 29 July 2014

Religious tolerance

In today's ( 29.7.2014 ) 'The Hindu' it has been reported that in Gujranwala city in Pakistan a mob torched an Ahmadi colony and killed a woman and two girls over alleged blasphemy on Facebook.

I condemn this latest atrocity on Ahmadis, and I call upon all right minded persons of all communities in all countries to condemn it

It is alleged against Ahmadis that they do not accept Prophet Muhammad as the last Prophet, and believe that there was another Prophet called Ghulam Ahmed in the mid-19th century.

If the Ahmadis do not regard Prophet Muhammad as the last Prophet are they breaking anyone's head, or cutting off anyone's limbs ? Everyone should be left free to believe in whatever he wants to believe. Muslims can say that Ahmadis are not Muslims, but what right do they have to kill Ahmadis, burn their homes, bomb their mosques, and beat up their children, as has been happening for several decades in Pakistan ? This is nothing but goondagardi.

Sunnis believe that after Prophet Muhammad died there were 4 Khalifas successively, Abu Bakr, Omar, Usman, and Ali. Shias regard the first three as usurpers. Should Sunnis and Shias then fight each other.

Hindus go to temples and pray before idols, whereas idol worship is forbidden in Islam. Should then Hindus and Muslims fight each other ?

Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God, whereas Muslims believe that God has no son. Should then Muslims and Christians fight each other ?

In a subcontinent like ours with so much diversity we must have tolerance, particularly in religious matters, otherwise we will be continuously fighting with each other, which is precisely what our enemies want.

We should follow our great Emperors Ashok and Akbar who practised tolerance in religious matters.


  1. Yup, absolutely. if you have any references regarding the emergence of the religion in to the human race, it would reach the people in a better way and make them to understand (including myself).

  2. Sir, you say
    "..but what right do they have to kill Ahmadis.."
    It is not right but duty if I understand their viewpoint clearly. That is the reason they do it.

    It will also be pertinent to note that
    1. in the passport application of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan one has to affirm the following (ref http://www.pakistanembassy.se/forms/htmls/formc.htm)
    "I am a Muslim and believe in the absolute and unqualified finality of the Prophet hood of Hazrat Muhemmed (peace be upon him) the last of the Prophets.

    I do not recognize any who claims to be a prophet in any sense of the word or any description whatsoever after Hazrat Muhemmed (peace be upon him)or recognize such a claimant as a prophet or a religious reformer as Muslim.

    I consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani to be an impostor nabi and also consider his followers whether belonging to the Lahori, Qadiani or Mirzai groups, to be non-Muslims. "

    2. In 1974 Bhutto government declared Ahmadis as non-Muslims and they made the constitutional amendment. By that standard, the actions of these people are purely constitutional. However, I do hope your comments are not taken as interference in the internal affairs of a neighbouring country.

    Please keep the flag of tolerance flying.
    Best wishes.

  3. I condemn this atrocity..

  4. Sir, how can you take this act of killing Ahmadis in isolation? It is part of a canvas where Muslims erase Twin towers and kill 6000 in USA, Boko Haram kill 1000s in Africa, ISIS keeps on purifying the great religion further by mutilating its own female population, Pakistan keeps on following moer and more "correct Islam ...
    Not to mention our own country where millions got butchered in last millennium.
    The list is endless and this is NOT Goondaism but a certain phenomenon which must be recognized!

  5. This is really sad....In today's "The Hindu " i read about militants affiliated to Abu Sayyaf( linked to al qaeda) massacring 21 people in Philippines.. This must stop.....Irans leader calls israel a "rabid dog",Kashmiris who segregated for Eid celebration protested against israel's attack..., muslims protest in mumbai against rohingya killings...but all of them are silent when militants belonging to their sect cast atrocities on others...is their the same vigour and vehemence in their protest against ISIS ??will they protest against these killings ?/

  6. Aap k paas eid may aaj itna khali time tha kya sir ki kai post bhi kar di,kam logo nay bulaya hoga, retire aadmi ko kaun poochta hai,yahi dunia ka dastoor hai,jab aap justice rahe honge to har aadmi apnay yaha bulata hoga eid par ,holi par,aap mana kar detey honge,aaj dekhiye kam log bulate hai, aadmi jis din retire ho jai porva aur ex likhna band kar dena chahiye,purane aur beetay ki jugali karnay par vyakti ko khud kasht he hoga,naya samaaj naye log banana chahiye, ye sahi hai ki khali dimaag shaitan ka ghar hota hai,retirement k baad mera bhi hona tai tha lekin mey ne aonay ghar k name plate ko usi din ukhaad dia jis din retire hua, ghar may je hi nahi lagta tha isi karan nai naukari ka bulawa aur request aaya,mey ne hami bhar di, my son said papa aap ko ab kaam karnay ki kya jarurat hai,kya nahi hai aap k paas,loag kya kahenge, me ne kaha mujhe aatm santusti hogi,aap bhi yahi kariye,part time hai press council,kahi padhaiye,jitni pay say retire hue us say adhik pay aap ko to chutki may mil jaigi,90 years ki age ho jai tab retire may hona chahta hu,aap bhi yahi karo sir, aap ka to jalwa he alag hai

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  8. In my opinion sir, what our country needs is a change in the mindset, not the same old pill in a new box. Breaking the mindset needs education (Not the usual one) and also some leaders to bring about this change. Without which this country will continue to rot. I completely second your view that most of the Indian voters are educated fools... And since then let me tell you you have been my Idol, I closely read and reflect upon your views, and I am in complete agreement with it! You are an inspiration!!