Wednesday 16 July 2014

Two stories of my Courtroom

Let me tell you two stories about what happened in my Courtroom in the Supreme Court. 

The first story is about Mr Soli Sorabji, the former Attorney General of India. One day he appeared before me in Court in some case. Before he could begin his arguments I remarked : " Mr. Sorabji, do you know what is your reputation? ".

He was at first a bit puzzled, but then enquired " What is it My Lord ?".

I said " Your reputation is that you are a ladies man ".

He blushed, and then got on with his case.

In the evening he telephoned me and said " Judge, you embarrassed me a lot today. When you made that remark in Court a lot of ugly looking women started staring at me, and I felt very uncomfortable ".

The other story is about Mr. Ram Jethmalani ( another ladies man ).
One day he was sitting in my Court in a corner of the Courtroom, waiting for his case to be taken up. Another lawyer was arguing a case, in which his client was accused of committing rape.

This lawyer argued that his client was 65 years old, so how could he commit rape ?

I replied that when I was a young lawyer in Allahabad High Court I one day asked a very senior criminal lawyer, Mr. P.C. Chaturvedi, at what age does the sex instinct die out ? He replied " Any time between 30 and 80 "

Having said that, I remarked " And here is Mr. Ram Jethmalani, with vast experience in these matters " ( Mr Jethmalani was then 85 or so, and now he is above 90).

At this Mr. Jethmalani stood up sheepishly and said " I plead guilty, My Lord! "


  1. We do have a FM Arun Jaitley who feels it 'a part of his professional commitment' to fight against the Bhopal Gas victims on behalf of American companies. So much for the patriotism they expect from the common folks.

    1. It is a Lawyer's duty to take up a case. He should not pre-judge who is guilty or not. If tomorrow, there is some charge against you in any matter and if all lawyers were to pronounce you guilty and refuse to take up your case, would you agree? A Lawyer argues. A judge decides. That is the process and that is how it should be.

  2. For a change, and on a lighter note perhaps, a very funny and humorous post sir! Keep posting more "stories" and experiences.

  3. the one on jethmalani is better than the one on sorabjee.

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