Sunday 6 July 2014

Power of the Position

" Jaanami naagesh tava prabhaavam
Kanthasthitah garjasi Shankarasya
Sthaanam pradhaanam na balam pradhaanam
Dwarasthitah ka purusho api singhah ? "

" जानामि नागेश तव प्रभावम 
कण्ठस्थिताः गर्जेसि शंकरस्य 
स्थानं प्रधानम न बलम प्रधानम 
द्वारस्थितः का पुरुषो अपि सिंघः ? "

which means :
" O King of the cobras ! I know your power.You are snarling only because you are coiled around Lord Shiva's neck.
It is not one's own strength that makes one powerful but the position one occupies..
At one's own door which man is not a lion ? "

This Sanskrit shloka should be told to all people occupying high posts who are arrogant. Once they quit that post they will become insignificant.


  1. brilliant one sir. hope this message is spread to to the entire power holding class

  2. Ka Purusho..api Singhah

    I think ka-purush here means na-punsaka.

    Even a napunsaka becomes lion at his door.