Tuesday 22 July 2014

Justice Lahoti obfuscates

I had asked Justice Lahoti 6 specific questions ( mentioned in my previous post ). When Times Now channel asked him about them he said ( as quoted in Times Now ) :

" I don't believe in stooping to anyone's level. Look up the records for yourself and see for yourself. I have not done anything wrong "

Thus Justice Lahoti does not reply to any one of my 6 specific questions, but deliberately obfuscates. Why does he not say specifically whether it is true or not that I requested him to get an IB enquiry held to find out whether the Judge concerned was indulging in corruption, whether he ( Justice Lahoti ) on my request ordered an IB enquiry, whether he ( Justice Lahoti ) subsequently telephoned me from Delhi when I was in Chennai that the IB has reported that the Judge concerned is indeed indulging in corruption, and why despite this adverse IB report he got the Judge's term extended, etc ?

None of the 6 specific questions I asked Justice Lahoti have been replied specifically by him. Instead he accuses me of stooping low.

Let the public themselves decide who is stooping low.


  1. Sir,
    Instead of looking more and more into this issue, there should be pressure
    to get govt. act on framing transparent policy in appointing / extending Judges.

    You have raised this issue at valid time.(Gopal subramaniam case).

    If you think from his(Justice Lahoti) stand, he ordered enquiry and acted
    on the result by informing you. But later, he reverted on it due to some unknown
    political pressure.

    Instead of keep getting into this issue, move on and get the present govt. to enact transparent process.


  2. Why only CJI Lahoti?

    CJI Lahoti - merely extended the tenure for 1 year.
    CJI Sabarwal gave him another term.
    CJI K.G. Balkrishnan confirmed him as a permanent judge and transferred to another metro city.

    Respected, honorable, his highness, his holiness the CJI in their supreme, erudite, wise, learned, extensive, exhaustive analysis found Ashok Kumar, as the man informed to be a judge and pass on judgement.

    What about the rest two honorable, respected, his highes CJIs??

    Considering the penchant of Katju on percentage - Let me quote percentage. (Your honor Justice Katju, I belong to that 1 in your percentage - 10%:90%)

    Lahoti - 20% responsible
    Sabarwal - 20% responsible
    Balkrishnan - 60% responsible

    Let us talk on them too! This country is great.

  3. Sir, Justice C.T. Selvam and Justice Karnan from Tamilnadu seems to be corrupted. kindly proceed for the enquiry against this persons. Justice CT Selvam is even taking his own brother case and giving out arrest warrant to other brother. he released many DMK party cadres. He still affiliated with DMK

  4. केजी बालकृष्णन के मामले में तो कई किस्से प्रचलित हैं कि कैसे वो 'पूरी तरह ईमानदार' जज थे लेकिन अब जस्टिस लाहोटी के बारे में भी कुछ-ुकु समझ में आने लगा है।
    सत्यमेव जयते!

  5. Sir it is wrong to target Justice Lahoti in this manner when you have not seen fit to name the concerned judge or senior minister involved in this incident you are speaking of. Justice Lahoti has earned the reputation of being one of the finest judges of the Supreme Court, through his hard work, excellent quality of judgments, and general demeanor on the bench all through his tenure. While there are certainly systemic issues to be addressed, it is unfair to portray a person like him in such negative light, when you yourself must be aware of all his qualities as a judge, which far outweigh whatever he may or may not have done as per your statements.

  6. Your highness, your honor,

    Hindu is saying this by his highness, holiness, honorable, respected, supremely wise man Balakrishnan.


    Now that since yesterday everyone knows the judge's name, can you share the letter that you had sent to his highness and holiness Lahoti? That will make it stronger.

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  8. Dated- 22-07-2014
    The Hon’ble Speakers,
    1) Lok Sabha &
    2) Rajya Sabha, Today’s Headlines :: T. O. I - Page- 11
    Your Excellencies, Sub:- Sensational Disclosures of Justice Katju

    I refer to the hot debates in both the Houses, on the above subject during Monday sessions, as reported in all the newspapers with minute details.

    At the outset, my first reaction was “Bravo & Hats Off’ to the inimitable, fearless former S.C. Judge. Markandey Katju, who will be remembered hereafter as the Messiah and Hero of Indian Judiciary by the future generation of Judges & Historians. I totally disagree with High Profile judicial heavy weights and state with utmost emphasis that this Expose’ was most well timed with maximum impact on the national psyche. This is because if this judicial super-scam involving three supremely Rogue CJIs alongwith corrupt & colluding Law Minister, were exposed 10 years ago, it would have ended up like a disastrous suicide for the whistle-blowing Judge. I have absolutely no doubt that the entire might of the then corrupt Ruling Party along with the brutal power of the ‘Ali Baba’ Gang of our most powerful ‘Corruptest of the Corrupt’ Judges, would have wiped out the entire ‘Katju Clan’ from Indian map.

    I am absolutely astonished at the naked & cheeky denial of CJI Lahoti stating like Dharm Raj Yudhisthir, he has never done any wrong in his life. Even though public memory is very short lived, yet I can challenge this sweeping self-praise and nail CJI Lahoti’s lies. This is because it is the same Lahoti who helped & bailed out an earlier controversial CJI A.S. Anand in a property scam before he was elevated to Supreme Court. I challenge CJI Lahoti to come to Rajya Sabha and deny this stinking scam under oath, which ultimately helped him to become CJI, with the help of CJI Anand.

    While on this subject, and as a comparison, I want to take back Your Excellencies to the turn of this Century, when BJP themselves was the ruling party. It was when the then fearless Law Minister Ram Jethmalani dared to expose the corruption of the same CJI A.S. Anand. This resulted in an open judicial war with threats of dire consequences by the CJI to the then BJP Govt. headed by Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It is a matter of Historical significance that the then over-cautious P.M. Vajpayee got cold feet & dropped his most powerful Law Minister ever, from his Cabinet for daring to tell the bitter truth - which stunned the Nation. If this could happen, when an honest Govt. was in power, then where will be Justice M. Katju of Madras H.C. against the combined powers of corrupt ruling party with the three seniormost corrupt & powerful CJIs.
    Lastly, Your Excellency, I have another three-dozen Rogue Judges including Nine corrupt CJIs up my sleeves. All these with iron-clad proofs of proven judicial forgery & corruption, along with 12-crore admitted bribe shared by the then CJIs Pattanaik with K.G. Balakrishnan & their Mentor G.N. Ray J. in December, 2002. These are all a part of well documented Court records & I urge you to summon me in the Parliament to share these closely guarded secrets with the Nation.

    Copy to- C.J.I. Lodha, New Delhi. Yours most obediently,.
    (NIRMALJIT sINGH hOON )(n. s. hOON)

  9. Satyam bruyat priyam bruyat, Na bruyat satyam apriyam

    I pray this service you are rendering the nation is not lost in the semantics of busybodies who seek to appropriate the issue in pursuit of their nano seconds of fame.

  10. Honors to you sir,
    From now You will be seen as a eye opener for Indian people. You proved you stand correct. Corrupted elements will be punished.

  11. Clap clap - for taking it further and asking Justice Lahoti those question.
    the applaud is not about asking question, but about keeping the momentum going.

    BTW - don't worry about people asking why did you kept quite for so long. At least you spoke.
    Some bunch of lawyers (high profiled) in the TV channel and earning millions, are more interested in pointing fingers on you as they fear that they should not annoy any sitting SC judge who can spoil their practice .. and you know how :)

    Keep it going, we expect you take it to end

  12. Hats off to Justice Katzu for speaking out. Too many of us remain silent.

  13. Justice K.G.Balakrishnan has given out of turn promotion to Justice H.L.Duttu from Kerala High Court for the reason that his nephew Justice C.T.Ravikumar was recommended for judgeship from the said court, who will definitely become the CJI one day. Justice .K.S.Radhakrishnan (now retired) is actually senior to him. There are several such instances throughout the judiciary and many thing done by the very same CJI

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